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Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From the Register I intend to remove the companies named in this notice from the Register under either section 293 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 318 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. The grounds on which I propose to take this action are that I am satisfied that the named companies have ceased to carry on business and that there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence. Objections to the removal of the named companies can be made under either section 296 of the Companies Act 1955 or section 321 of the Companies Act 1993, as applicable. An objection must be in writing and specify the ground relied on. Any such objections must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Wellington within 20 working days of the date of this notice. 19TH HOLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 89 Courtenay Place, Wellington WN. 525056 ACCESS TYRES LIMITED, 12 Sunrise Boulevard, Tawa, Wellington WN. 564666 ADAMAS DECORATING LIMITED, 12 Saint Albans Avenue, Karori, Wellington WN. 600976 ADVANCE CORPORATION LIMITED, 163 Lake Terrace, Taupo WN. 495506 ADVANCED CLEANING TECHNIQUES (WELLINGTON) LIMITED, 3/6 Wentworth Street, Kingston, Wellington WN. 610566 ALAN JOLLIFFE & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Sixth Floor, Phillips Nicholson Building, 44 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt WN. 525066 ALEUTIAN HOLDINGS LIMITED, 346 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach WN. 560066 ALL SHAPZES SHEETMETAL LIMITED, 11 Broken Hill Road, Linden, Wellington WN. 545666 ALL WASTE DISPOSAL CO LIMITED, Level Fifteen, Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington WN. 556856 ALL-WIN PUBLISHING LIMITED, Level Three, The Breeze Building, Manners Plaza, Wellington WN. 618126 ARCHAUS LIMITED, 7 Matai Road, Hataitai, Wellington WN. 572966 ASTIN ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 56 Clark Street, Khandallah, Wellington WN. 610466 B M J HOLDINGS LIMITED, care of Morrison & Morpeth, Seventeenth Floor, 105109 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 576876 BACCHUS INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 11 Pipitea Street, Thorndon, Wellington WN. 584856 BARK LIMITED, 653 Ferguson Drive, Upper Hutt WN. 606356 BERNIES CORNER LIMITED, KPMG Peat Marwick, KPMG Peat Marwick House, 135 Victoria Street, Wellington WN. 548356 BIG BUZZ ADVENTURES LIMITED, 66 West End, Ohope Beach WN. 593566 BIG WHITE VIDEO LIMITED, 33 Oriel Avenue, Tawa, Wellington WN. 597156 BIZERBA (NZ) LIMITED, 22 Parumoana Street, Porirua WN. 593966 BLUE LAGOON FINANCES LIMITED, Innes Dean, Solicitors, corner of King and Rangitikei Streets, Palmerston North WN. 638566 BORZOI CHAUFFEUR SERVICES LIMITED, 9 Sea View Terrace, Northland, Wellington 6005 WN. 609076 BOUTIK ANATOLIA IMPORTS LIMITED, Peat Marwick, 135 Victoria Street, Wellington WN. 429216 BROADWAY ENGINEERING LIMITED, 67 Arawhata Street, Porirua WN. 569156 BUDGET VIDEO MAKERS LIMITED, 39 Thimble Lane, Whitby, Wellington WN. 425266 BULK INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 15 Edward Street, Wellington WN. 492826 BUSINESS NETWORK (WELLINGTON) LIMITED, 55 Cuba Street, Petone WN. 517116 CADMUS NOMINEES LIMITED, 175 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 481366 CAPITAL 4WD SPECIALISTS LIMITED, 14 Hania Street, Wellington WN. 620356 CAPITAL TIMBER PRODUCTS (1993) LIMITED, 30A Chelmsford Street, Ngaio, Wellington WN. 574166 CAR-WOOD CO LIMITED, 5 Willowbank Road, Tawa, Wellington WN. 523966 CHERRICK ENTERPRISES LIMITED, 345 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North WN. 603266 CHURTON VILLAS MANAGEMENT LIMITED, care of MacAlister Mazengarb, Perry, Castle, Eighth Floor, Baillieu House, 23 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington WN. 552866 CITIES CLEANING LIMITED, 23 Betty Campbell Complex, 148 Wakefield Street, Wellington WN. 634166 CIVIC HOMES LIMITED, 21 Hathaway Avenue, Lower Hutt WN. 550456 CORNWALL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED, Suite Five, Wingate Industrial Park, 8082 Eastern Hutt Road, Wingate, Lower Hutt WN. 518776 COURTESY CARD LIMITED, 72 Manly Street, Paraparaumu WN. 553766 CUSTOMHOUSE NOMINEES LIMITED, Sixth Floor, Wool House, corner of Brandon and Featherston Streets, Wellington WN. 610276 DECO HOLDINGS LIMITED, 59 Harbour View Road, Lower Hutt WN. 547056 DEREK ROUND & ASSOCIATES LIMITED, the offices of Morrision Morpeth, Level Sixteen, 105 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 626066 E S & J M KENNEDY LIMITED, 152 Ridgway Street, Wanganui WN. 452446 EXCALIBUR HOLDINGS LIMITED, Messrs Horsley Christie, 14 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui WN. 586776 FAZAKERLEY INK LIMITED, 58 Peterhouse Street, Tawa, Wellington WN. 600256 FENKONIA MEDICAL SERVICES LIMITED, care of Finman Services Limited, Mahara Place, Waikanae WN. 443626 FORTHWITH SHELF COMPANY NO.66 LIMITED, 872A Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland WN. 570966 GAVEL AGENCIES LIMITED, 61 Hornsey Road, Wellington WN. 571856 GLOBAL X LIMITED, 9 Twomey Grove, Houghton Bay, Wellington WN. 596256 GOAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED, 9 St. Ronans Avenue, Lower Hutt WN. 559876 GORO TRADING (NZ) LIMITED, Suite Two, 90 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua WN. 556266 GRANADA DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, care of Pacific Horizon Limited, State Highway No. 1, Mana, Wellington WN. 633366 HAUTANA NOMINEES LIMITED, 330 High Street, Lower Hutt WN. 627066 HERITAGE FEATHERSTON LIMITED, Heritage Featherston Museum, Fox Street, Featherston WN. 564056 HIGH POINT INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 167 High Street, Lower Hutt WN. 434106 HOLCROFT ENTERPRISES LIMITED, offices of Russell McVeagh McKenzie Bartleet & Co, Levels 48, The Todd Building, corner of Brandon Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington WN. 618676 HULLETT PLUMBING & GASFITTING LIMITED, 47 Lincoln Avenue, Lower Hutt WN. 457416 HYDRODOUSE FIRE SYSTEMS LIMITED, 17 Roy Street, Wellington WN. 632566 IAN HOLMES BUILDERS LIMITED, 13 Kakariki Grove, Waikanae WN. 459626 IMAGE PUBLICATIONS LIMITED, Fourth Floor, Harcourts Building, 2832 Grey Street, Wellington WN. 608776 INDONEWZ NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 219 Doctors Point Road, Waitati WN. 607256 INFOLINK NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 36 Maxwell Road, P.O. Box 440, Blenheim WN. 535776 INNOVATE NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, Ground Floor, 10 Montel Avenue, Henderson, Auckland WN. 493906 INNOVATIONS PLIMMERTON LIMITED, 53 Cluny Road, Plimmerton WN. 605876 INTEGRITY TOURS LIMITED, Level Two, BDO House, 99105 Customhouse Quay, Wellington WN. 530866 J.C. BALDWIN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, Third Floor, Circuit House, 4547 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt WN. 424276 JUST NAILS LIMITED, 2 Cottle Park Drive, Normandale WN. 639276 K.H. LOWE AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Ballinger Place, Carterton WN. 470586 KAPITAL KEYLESS LOCKS LIMITED, 14 Parata Street, Waikanae WN. 516266 KAPITI COAST SECURITY SERVICES (1993) LIMITED, 346348 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach WN. 592776 KELMARNA ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Kauri Hiwi, Matherson Road, R.D. 3, Papakura WN. 473626 LANTANA INVESTMENTS LIMITED, 408 The Esplanade, Island Bay, Wellington WN. 602756 LONGSHORE MARINE LIMITED, 19 Catherine Crescent, Whitianga WN. 621056 M.J. MCKENNA LIMITED, 5 Crown Hill, Onepoto, Titahi Bay, Wellington WN. 569856 MACAB HOLDINGS LIMITED, 49 Totara Road, Palmerston North WN. 512056 MACEY'S RESTAURANTS N Y LIMITED, Fourth Floor, Ansett NZ House, 69 Boulcott Street, Wellington WN. 437236 MAINLAND MARKETING LIMITED, 141 Manners Street, Wellington WN. 623496 MANHAAS INDUSTRIES (2000) LIMITED, 476 Adelaide Road, Berhampore, Wellington WN. 563556 MARBLE ART (1994) LIMITED, 29 Cairns Street, Miramar, Wellington WN. 633676 MARBLE HOLDINGS LIMITED, J'Mall Office Block, Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington WN. 621966 MARTIN ALLAN LIMITED, 3 Tukanae Street, Strathmore WN. 464536 MASTA-DEC (WELLINGTON) LIMITED, Odlin McGarth, Chartered Accountants, Third Floor, Energy Direct Corporation, 45 Knights Road, Lower Hutt WN. 574676 MILFORD SECURITIES LIMITED, 29A Monowai Road, Johnsonville, Wellington WN. 579956 MOBITEL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, 1588 Tokomaru West Road, R.D. 1, Wanganui WN. 613676 MURLAP HOLDINGS LIMITED, KMG Kendons, 69 Rutherford Street, Lower Hutt WN. 501786 NEW FRONTIERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 28 Grey Street, Wellington WN. 597766 OCEAN PACIFIC AQUACULTURE LIMITED, 74 Moana Road, Wainui, Gisborne WN. 623956 P.K. RESOURCES LIMITED, 8 Tainui Street, Raumati Beach WN. 594856 PACIFIC DESIGN ARCHITECTS & PLANNERS LIMITED, 38 MacDonald Crescent, Wellington 2000 WN. 489096 PEAK TOURISM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 10B Lee Road, Taradale, Napier WN. 450576 PERRY GOULD HOLDINGS LIMITED, 158 Woburn Road, Lower Hutt WN. 594956 PETTO'S ICE CREAM LIMITED, 14 Holland Street, Wellington WN. 498886 PHEIDIAS PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED, Level Two, 354 Lambton Quay, Wellington WN. 591156 PHIL-NEW ZEALAND SHIPS CHANDLERY LIMITED, 3 Monowai Road, Wellington WN. 606476 PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL RESOURCES LIMITED, 1 Puriri Road, Waikanae WN. 439096 PROSPEROUS PROPERTIES LIMITED, 139 Benmore Avenue, Palmerston North WN. 626976 QUICKCLUTCH LIMITED, care of Rohloff & Associates, First Floor, 47 Dudley Street, Lower Hutt WN. 556076 R.W. GOLDIE LIMITED, 33 Catherine Crescent, Paparangi, Wellington WN. 499576 RAUKAWA HOUSING LIMITED, 160 Tasman Road, Otaki WN. 455906 ROLLFAST NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, care of Messrs Carr & Stanton, 117 Queen Street East, Hastings WN. 573266 RUSTWEL ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY LIMITED, Trust Bank Centre, 125 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 418956 SALAMIS PROMOTIONS LIMITED, 2 Lane Crescent, Redwood, Tawa WN. 486366 SEA KAYAKING WELLINGTON LIMITED, care of Kendons, Chartered Accountants, 69 Rutherford Street, Lower Hutt WN. 600776 SPORTS PROMOTIONS COMPANY OF WELLINGTON LIMITED, 21 Pukaki Grove, Porirua WN. 611776 SPRUNG! PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, 17 Upper Bourke Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington WN. 601756 STERLING SOFTWARE (NEW ZEALAND) LIMITED, 95 Customhouse Quay, Wellington WN. 602376 STRATAGEM COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, 8 Arapawa Place, Plimmerton, Wellington WN. 429586 STRATEGIC PROMOTIONS LIMITED, 110116 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland WN. 612156 SUNN CONTRACTS LIMITED, Level Eleven, 105109 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 444196 TECHNI-LUBE NEW ZEALAND (1993) LIMITED, 4 Soldier Road, Ohakune WN. 595356 TERMINAL ASSETS LIMITED, Twelfth Floor, Databank House, 175 The Terrace, Wellington WN. 499096 THE AEGIS OF ST PATRICK LIMITED, KPMG Peat Marwick, 135 Victoria Street, Wellington WN. 592866 THE COURIER LIMITED, Level Three, Norfolk House, 128 Featherston Street, Wellington WN. 546966 THE DINER LIMITED, 44 Courtenay Place, Wellington WN. 532666 TORI DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, care of Richard N. Martin, Barrister & Solicitor, Level Five, General Building, 3842 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington WN. 570956 UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 7 City Road, Auckland WN. 534556 UPDATA NEW ZEALAND LIMITED, 29 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt WN. 562676 VILLAGE PROPERTIES LIMITED, care of N. K. Barlow, 45 Buick Street, Petone WN. 587456 VISHAL'S DAIRY & GROCERY LIMITED, Pleasant Heights Dairy, Pleasant Heights Shopping Centre, Turners Drive, Rotorua WN. 542356 WAINUI TIMBER (1992) LIMITED, Price Waterhouse, Chartered Accountants, 1117 Church Street, Wellington WN. 468136 WARWICK J TILLER & CO LIMITED, Sixth Floor, 44 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt WN. 567076 WELLINGTON CONCRETE PRODUCTS LIMITED, First Floor, 4 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington WN. 609066 WELLINGTON SHELF COMPANY (NO.33) LIMITED, 42 Nicholson Road, Khandallah, Wellington WN. 636156 WEMPE BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED, 48A Randwick Road, Northland, Wellington 5 WN. 550776 WHOLETAIL HOLDINGS LIMITED, 24 Lohia Street, Khandallah, Wellington WN. 547876 WILLGRO HORTICULTURAL (1990) LIMITED, 10 Wilson Grove, Lower Hutt WN. 484016 WILLIS DISTRIBUTION LIMITED, 216 Willis Street, Wellington WN. 612376 WINPROP NO. 1 LIMITED, 7 Barada Street, Khandallah, Wellington WN. 485606 WORLD WIDE PATENTS LIMITED, 249 Wickstead Street, Wanganui WN. 602366 YIFAN ENTERTAINMENTS LIMITED, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland WN. 444606 YORK NOMINEES LIMITED, J'Mall Office Block, Broderick Road, Johnsonville, Wellington WN. 622856 ZAJAE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 40 Outram Grove, Kelson, Lower Hutt WN. 599876 ZAZ ART LIMITED, 108 Weld Street, Wadestown, Wellington WN. 525366 NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.
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7 Sep 1995

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