Notice Type
Cessation of Business in New Zealand
NRG Victory Australia Limited (New Zealand branch) WN. 303369 Notice of Intention of Overseas Company to Cease Carrying on Business in New Zealand Pursuant to Section 341 (1) (a) of the Companies Act 1993 Notice is hereby given that NRG Victory Australia Limited, an overseas company having its principal place of business at 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland, intends to cease to carry on business in New Zealand. Dated at Sydney, Australia this 23rd day of August 1995. Note: Any inquiries in this matter should be addressed to Ross Littlewood at the office of Littlewoods Services Pty Limited, G.P.O. Box 3973, Sydney 2001, Australia. Telephone: (00612) 247 5101. Facsimile: (00612) 232 7293).
Publication Date
31 Aug 1995

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