Please note that a person may be discharged from bankruptcy after 3 years and a No Asset Procedure after 1 year. Please check the Insolvency Register on the Insolvency and Trustee Service website for the current status of a debtor.

Publication of bankruptcy adjudications and of debtors admitted to a No Asset Procedure changed in December 2018. From that time the Insolvency and Trustee Service has published all adjudications in the New Zealand Gazette by providing a link from the Gazette website to the Insolvency Register.

Other bankruptcy notices, including orders annulling or rescinding adjudications, can be found in the Insolvency and Trustee Services’ Public Notices.

Notice Type
The following persons were adjudged bankrupt on 9 December 1994: Johnson, Derick William, unemployed sales person of 809 Bledisloe Street, Raureka, Hastings. Ratana, Dennis Wharetini Dean, unemployed counsellor of 5 Seafront Road, Wanganui. Leighton, William James, fitter/welder of Dehli Avenue, Wanganui (formerly trading as Leightons Engineering). Boerboom, Robert Alexander Peter and Gaelyn Maree, unemployed superette owners of 4A Kimbolton Road, Feilding (formerly trading as Gaelyns 7 Day Superette). Barry, Michael John, invalid beneficiary of 16B Guyton Street, Wanganui. Goscomb, Tracee Maree, domestic purposes beneficiary of 15 Moana Street, Wanganui. Waho, William Huritau (also known as William McLeod), sickness beneficiary of 58 Matipo Street, Wanganui. Joseph, Marius Rodney, unemployed secondhand dealer of Main Road, Tarekina, Wanganui (formerly trading as OPM International Traders Limited) trading as Van Jeans. Takarangi, Craig Inia (also known as Bill Takarangi), farm hand of 30 Airport Road, Wanganui. Bidois, Miller Vernon and Josephine Sovena, logging contractors corner of Piwari and Dreadnought Streets, Ohakune. The following persons were adjudged bankrupt on 13 December 1994: Craig, Malcolm Clarence John, systems analyst of 576 Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North. Schmidt, Alan Graham, unemployment beneficiary of 164 Bontanical Road, Palmerston North. Tuhua, Joseph and Letitia Marie, unemployed casual worker and mother of 18 Huia Street, Pahiatua. The following person was adjudged bankrupt on 14 December 1994: Kingi, William Douglas, domestic purposes beneficiary of 12 Gilray Avenue, Maraenui, Napier. The following person was adjudged bankrupt on 15 December 1994: Walsh, Susan Faith, unemployment beneficiary of 19 Massey Crescent, Marewa, Napier. G. C. J. CROTT, Official Assignee. Commercial Affairs Division, Department of Justice, Private Bag 6001, D.X. 13014, Napier. Telephone: (06) 835 7588. Facsimile: (06) 835 7421.
Publication Date
12 Jan 1995

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