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Approval of Course in Map Reading Pursuant to section 48 (2) (f) of the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986; and pursuant to a delegation given by the Acting Director of Land Transport Safety in an instrument of delegation dated the 16th day of October 1995; I, Roy Harold Hitchcock, Compliance Officer, Safer People and Operators, hereby approve courses in map reading to be conducted by the following organisations for the purposes of regulation 11 (1) (c) of the Transport (Drivers Licensing) Regulations 1987: Ezidrive Driving School, New Plymouth. North Canterbury Driving School, Rangiora. Signed at Wellington this 5th day of December 1995. R. H. HITCHCOCK, Compliance Officer, Safer People and Operators. (File: RU04/8)
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7 Dec 1995

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