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Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Venison New Zealand Deer Services Limited (in liquidation) Notice of Appointment of Liquidators Pursuant to Section 229 (2) of the Companies Act 1955 Notice is hereby given that, by way of entry in the minute book of the above-named company in accordance with section 362 of the Companies Act 1955, Donald Leroy Francis and Roy James Cowley were appointed liquidators of the above-named company on the 14th day of December 1994. The liquidation commenced on the 14th day of December 1994. Address of Liquidator: Care of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Chartered Accountants, 61 Molesworth Street (P.O. Box 1990), Wellington. Telephone: (04) 472 1677. Facsimile: (04) 472 8023. Officer for Inquiries: Jeff Fagerlund. D. L. FRANCIS, Joint Liquidator.
Publication Date
12 Jan 1995

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