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Winding up/Liquidations
Notice of Special Resolution for Winding Up In the matter of the Companies Amendment Act 1993, and in the matter of Orana Farm Limited: Notice is hereby given that following the filing of a resolution as to solvency, the above-named company on the 21st day of September 1994, by entry in its minute book, signed in accordance with section 364 of the Companies Act 1955, passed a special resolution for the winding up and liquidation of the company, pursuant to section 211 (2) (a) of the Companies Amendment Act 1993. The date of commencement of the liquidation is the date of the said resolution, namely the 21st day of September 1994. The address and telephone number to which, during business hours, inquiries may be directed by a creditor or a shareholder is as follows: Mr G. V. Madden, Messrs Capon and Madden, Chartered Accountants, 201213 West Street, Ashburton. Telephone: (03) 308 0025. Facsimile: (03) 308 1475. Dated this 29th day of September 1994. G. V. MADDEN, Liquidator. Note: The company is being liquidated as part of a restructuring of the shareholders' affairs.
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6 Oct 1994

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