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IMPORTANT --- READ BELOW ******************************************************** [XI] Bills Assented To Note: The title of the Act is shown in italics where this differs from the Bill. [qp] Government Bills Assent No. 17 November 1994 Maritime Transport 104 Resource Management Amendment 105 Mercantile Law Amendment 106 [xt] Summary of Bills Presented This section contains a prcis of all bills presented to the House this week. Not all bills presented are introduced. The introduction of a bill requires the agreement of the House. Bay of Plenty Regional Council (Rates Validation) Validates certain rates levied by or on behalf of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. (Tony Ryall/Referred to Internal Affairs and Local Government Committee) Reserve Bank of New Zealand Amendment (No. 2) Amends the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. The bill will confer power on the Reserve Bank to impose conditions on the registration of a registered bank in addition to conditions imposed at the time of its registration (section 74 of the principal Act). The Reserve Bank will also be authorised to require a registered bank to publish in disclosure statements information relating to its holding company and transactions with related parties (under section 81 of the Act). The bill will also remove from the Act (sections 84 to 88) the proposed controls on advertising by registered banks. (Rt Hon W F Birch/Referred to Finance and Expenditure Committee)
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24 Nov 1994

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