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IMPORTANT --- READ BELOW ******************************************************** [XI] Bills Assented To Note: The title of the Act is shown in italics where this differs from the Bill. [qp] Government Bills Assent No. 20 October 1994 Health and Disability Commissioner 88 Physiotherapy Amendment 89 Occupational Therapy Amendment 90 Dietitians Amendment 91 Medical Auxiliaries Amendment 92 Medical Practitioners Amendment 93 Pharmacy Amendment 94 Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Amendment 95 Nurses Amendment 96 Psychologists Amendment 97 Chiropractors Amendment 98 Dental Amendment 99 Air Facilitation (Domestic Passengers and Cargo) 100 Meat (Inspection Seasons) 101 21 October 1994 Appropriation (No. 2) 102 Imprest Supply (No. 3) 103 [xt] Summary of Bills Presented This section contains a prcis of all bills presented to the House this week. Not all bills presented are introduced. The introduction of a bill requires the agreement of the House. Private Member's Bill Parliamentary Privilege The bill seeks to place parliamentary privilege on a clear statutory basis and includes protections to safeguard the rights of ordinary New Zealanders. The following changes are proposed: defining what is involved in contempt of Parliament abolishing the power of Parliament to imprison or fine providing that where punishment by way of fine or imprisonment is contemplated for the offence of contempt of Parliament the matter is to be decided by the High Court rather than Parliament defining ``proceedings in Parliament'' abolishing the narrow freedom from arrest which MPs have at present reaffirming the freedom of speech and debate in Parliament but creating safeguards against its abuse by requiring members who make assertions in the House of impropriety, breach of duty, dishonesty or criminal conduct to first notify the Speaker and satisfy him or her that they have grounds for making the assertion [ri] providing that failure by a member to comply with the notice procedure constitutes a breach of privilege, and that the person adversely affected by such a breach has the right to be heard by the Privileges Committee [ri] providing the person against whom the assertion is made with a right of reply making provision for select committees of Parliament to follow the rules of natural justice abolishing the power of Parliament to expel members repeal of the Legislature Act 1908 (Hon. David Caygill/Introduction interrupted) Government Bill Imprest Supply (No. 3) Authorises the Crown to spend public money and to incur expenses and liabilities during the financial year ending on 30 June 1995 in advance of appropriation by way of an Appropriation Act. (Rt. Hon. W. F. Birch/Not referred S.O. 217 (4)) Local Bill Auckland City Council (St Heliers Bay Reserve) Validates the occupancy of parts of the reserve, unknown as St Heliers Bay Reserve or Vellenoweth Green, by certain sporting clubs. (Clem Simich/Internal Affairs and Local Government Committee)
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3 Nov 1994

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