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Summary of Bills Presented This section contains a prcis of all bills presented to the House this week. Not all bills presented are introduced. The introduction of a bill requires the agreement of the House. Long Term Care of the Elderly Committee Long term care of the elderly in public and private hospitals has been subject to an assets test since 1 July 1993. This bill establishes a multiparty committee to report on the funding and provision of long stay care of the elderly. Membership would be drawn from all parties represented in Parliament. (Hon Clive Matthewson/Referred to Social Services Committee) Continuance of Napier Hospital Provides for the continued running by Crown Health Hawkes Bay of Napier Hospital. The bill directs Crown Health Hawkes Bay to provide for the following services: Full maternity services, including antenatal, birthing and gynaecological services. A complete accident and emergency department. Day surgical services, including anaesthesia services. Full radiology services. (Geoff Braybrooke/Introduction interrupted) Air Facilitation (Domestic Passengers and Cargo) Amends the Customs Act 1966 and the Immigration Act 1987. It is a companion measure to the Air Facilitation Act 1993 and provides for checks under the Customs Act 1966 and the Immigration Act 1987 to be made on domestic passengers flying between two Customs airports in New Zealand on international flights. Such checks prevent passengers using international flights to evade customs and immigration restrictions. Provides for Customs checks on domestic cargo carried between Customs airports in New Zealand on international flights. This is to prevent persons using the carriage of domestic cargo on an international flight as a device to enable the importation into New Zealand of goods that cannot lawfully be brought into the country. (Hon Maurice Williamson/Referred to Transport Committee)
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1 Sep 1994

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