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Certificate of Special Partnership In the High Court of New Zealand, Christchurch Registry In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Adcall Services New Zealand Limited and Company: It is hereby certified, pursuant to sections 51 and 58 of the Partnership Act 1908 that: 1. The name of the special partnership is Adcall Services New Zealand Limited and Company. 2. The names, addresses, occupations and capital contributions of the general and special partners are as set forth in the Schedule hereto. 3. The business of the partnership will be as follows: 3.1 To carry out the business of telephone advertising and to undertake and carry out all other things which may in the opinion of the general partner and the participants be conveniently or profitably undertaken by the partnership whether or not such things shall be similar in nature to the above object and whether or not the partnership is engaged in the above object. 3.2 To purchase, lease, take on hire or by any other means acquire any real or personal property and any rights, licences, privileges or easements which the partnership may think necessary or convenient for the purpose of the partnership business. 3.2 To manage, maintain, develop, exchange, mortgage, lease, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all or any part of the property and rights of the partnership (the items referred to in (a) (b) and (c) hereof all comprising ``the partnership business''). 4. The principal place from which the partnership business will be conducted is at 20 Hawthorne Street, Christchurch. 5. The partnership shall be renewed as a special partnership upon the date of registration of this certificate of special partnership with the Registrar of the High Court at Christchurch and subject to the provisions in the partnership deed relating to earlier dissolution shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from that date. This certificate shall constitute a renewal of the original special partnership in terms of section 58 of the Partnership Act 1908. Schedule General Partner Name and Location Capital Contribution to the Common Stock$ Adcall Services New Zealand Limited, at Christchurch, being 26 units4,550 Special Partners Names, Address and Occupations CapitalContribution$ Gillian Lucille Brown, 149C Major Hornbrook Road, Christchurch, secretary, 186 units34,740 Victor Rex Claude, 264A Waimairi Road, Christchurch, company director, 363 units67,772 John Herbert Hulme, 41 Wroxton Terrace, Christchurch, optician, 143 units26,717 John Charles Hulme, 75 Garden Road, Christchurch, retired, 71.5 units13,359 Valerie Isabelle Hulme, 75 Garden Road, Christchurch, retired, 71.5 units13,358 Michael James Prendeville, 135 Rossall Street, Christchurch, company director, 400 units74,679 Murray Langford Taylor, 91 Puriri Street, Christchurch, company director, 306 units57,134 Alan Ronald Hadley, 21 Hulverston Drive, Christchurch, company director, 257 units47,995 Adele Marie Morgan, 20 Hawthorne Street, Christchurch, company director, 146.5 units27,433 Dafyd Rhys Morgan, 20 Hawthorne Street, Christchurch, company director, 146.5 units27,432 William James Sutherland, 60 Rose Street, Christchurch, company director, 293 units54,875 William Richard Woodham, No. 5 R.D., Christchurch, company director, 306 units57,135 Adcall Services New Zealand at Christchurch, 26 units4,550 Jonny On The Spot Drycleaners Limited at Christchurch, 198 units21,240 This certificate signed by all the special partners and the general partner, such signatures acknowledged before Andrew Lea, J.P. Dated at Christchurch this 2nd day of June 1994.
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9 Jun 1994

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