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Classification of Reserve and and Appointment of the Maungatoroto Recreational Society Incorporated to Control and Manage a Reserve Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Regional Conservator, Northland Conservancy, hereby classifies the reserve described in the Schedule hereto, as a recreation reserve and further, appoints the Maungatoroto Recreational Society Incorporated to control and manage the said reserve, subject to the provisions of the said Act as a recreation reserve. Schedule North Auckland Land District Kaipara District 10.1975 hectares, more or less, being Lots 1 and 2, D.P. 86132, together with a drainage easement over part Lot 4, D.P. 42651, created by Transfer A. 75438 and subject to a right of way easement created by transfer B. 161950.1. all situated in Block XI, Waipu Survey District. All certificates of title 43D/882 and 43D/883. Dated at Whangarei this 8th day of December 1994. G. E. ROWAN, Regional Conservator, Department of Conservation. (DOC C.O.: LRC604)2
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15 Dec 1994

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