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Maori Land Development Notice Pursuant to section 21 of the Maori Affairs Restructuring Act 1989, the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Maori Development hereby gives notice as follows: N o t i c e 1. This notice may be cited as Maori Land Development Notice Rotorua 1994, No. 2. 2. The notice referred to in the First Schedule hereto, in relation only to the piece of land described in the Second Schedule hereto, is hereby revoked. 3. The land described in the Second Schedule hereto is hereby released from Part II of the Maori Affairs Restructuring Act 1989. First Schedule Registration Date of Notice Reference No. 7 April1930 New Zealand Gazette, 17 April 1930, No. 30, page 1453 K. 24424 Second Schedule South Auckland Land District All that piece of land described as follows: Area ha Being 8.7060 Ruatoki A, Section 47 (formerly Ruatoki 1B 1C 12B, Block VI, Waimana Survey District as shown in New Zealand Gazette, 9 May 1940, No. 41, page 1036.) As now all contained in certificate of title 52D/165. Dated at Wellington this 18th day of January 1994. For and on behalf of the Chief Executive, Ministry of Maori Development: I. A. McINTYRE, Manager, Part II. (MMD H.O. 6/567)3
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20 Jan 1994

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