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Land Notices
Declaring Land to be Held for Conservation Purposes Pursuant to section 7 (1) of the Conservation Act 1987, the Minister of Conservation and the Minister of Lands, being the Minister responsible for the Department of State that has control of the land described in the Schedule hereto, jointly declare that the land is held for conservation purposes. Schedule Nelson Land District Tasman District 11.8275 hectares, more or less, being part Sections 22 and 102, Square 46, Sections 76 and 77, Town of St Arnaud, Extension No. 2, Sections 93 to 98, 124 to 139, and Sections 146 to 185, Town of St Arnaud, Extension No. 4, situated in Block XIII, Motupiko Survey District; shown as ``A'' to ``K'' on S.O. Plan 15052. Part certificate of title 61/78. Dated at Wellington this 12th day of March 1994. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Conservation. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Lands. (C.O. LAN:006)
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21 Apr 1994

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