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Appointment of the Eastern Region Fish and Game Council to Control and Manage a Wildlife Management Reserve Pursuant to section 29 of the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Regional Conservator of the Bay of Plenty Conservancy of the Department of Conservation, hereby appoints the Eastern Region Fish and Game Council to control and manage that part of the Bregman Wildlife Management Reserve described in the Schedule hereto, as a Government purpose (wildlife management) reserve, subject to the provisions of the said Act. The appointment to control and manage the said part of the Bregman Wildlife Management Reserve is effective from the 1st day of July 1993 and is subject to review after 25 years. The Eastern Region Fish and Game Council (ERFGC) is required to comply with the following general provisions relating to the administration of the reserve. (a) Department of Conservation staff to have access to the reserve for management and monitoring purposes. (b) No live cabbage trees to be cut down or removed from the reserve. (c) No cattle or goats to be grazed on the reserve. (d) ERFGC to be responsible for fire-fighting and any territorial authority rates payable in respect of the part of the reserve under ERFGC control. (e) No planting of invasive exotic species to be carried out. (f) ERFGC to participate with the Department of Conservation in review of the existing management plan for the reserve, by the end of 1995. Schedule South Auckland Land District Rotorua District Bregman Wildlife Management Reserve 4.1705 hectares, more or less, being area ``A'' on S.O. Plan 59773, situated in Block III, Awaateatua Survey District. Part certificate of title 9C/800. Part New Zealand Gazette, 1978, page 3422. Recorded on N.Z.M.S. 261 V15, Sheet 7.2. Dated at Rotorua this 31st day of March 1994. D. A. FIELD, Regional Conservator, Department of Conservation. (DOC C.O. RWL 012)1/1
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14 Apr 1994

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