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Land Declared to be Motorway in the City of Manukau CATHERINE A. TIZARD, Governor-General ORDER IN COUNCIL At Wellington this 25th day of January 1994 Present: The Right Hon. Don McKinnon presiding in Council Pursuant to section 71 of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, and at the request of Transit New Zealand, Her Excellency the Governor-General, acting by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, hereby orders and declares that the land described in the Schedule hereto shall, on and after the date of this Order in Council, be a motorway. Schedule North Auckland Land District All that portion of State Highway 20 in the City of Manukau, being part of the Mount Roskill Wiri highway and being those traffic lanes, shoulders and verges commencing at the southern side of Massey Road and proceeding in a southerly direction to the northern side of the intersection with Puhunui Road. As shown on plan 1/68/17/3994, Sheet 2, Revision 1 held in the office of the Regional Manager, Transit New Zealand, Auckland. MARIE SHROFF, Clerk of the Executive Council.
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10 Feb 1994

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