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Notification of Theoretical Questions for Driver Licence Tests Pursuant to section 48 (1a) of the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986, I, Alan Eric Wilcox, Director of Land Transport Safety, hereby prescribe the questions contained within the publications listed in the Schedule hereto as the theoretical examinations to be undergone by applicants for the classes of licence specified under Part I of the Second Schedule of the Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulations 1987: Schedule The Licence Guide - for classes C, D, E, N published by GP Publications Limited 1993; Licence Guide - for classes F, G, H, I, J, L published by GP Publications Limited 1992, as amended in 1993; The Licence Guide - for classes B, AM, A published by GP Publications Limited 1993. This notice takes effect from 1 December 1994. Copies of the publications are available from most booksellers. For further details contact the Education and Information section of the Land Transport Safety Authority, P.O. Box 27-459, Wellington. Promoting Safer Drivers. Dated at Wellington this 29th day of November 1994. A. E. WILCOX, Director of Land Transport Safety.