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Pursuant to regulation 129 (6) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and a delegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety dated the 30th day of June 1994, I, John Paul Edgar, Manager Policy and Programmes, Safer Vehicles Roads and Rail, approve the erection and maintenance of Permanent Warning Signs, as described in the Schedule, for the control of traffic in accordance with regulation 124 of the Traffic Regulations 1976. Schedule Description of Traffic Signs In this Schedule: 1. All measurements are shown in millimetres. 2. The letter ``(r)'' after a colour indicates that the colour should be made of retro-reflective material. 3. The size of lettering and numerals is shown by two figures separated by a diagonal slash. The first figure shows the letter height in millimetres and the second the stroke width in millimetres. [rn 100,.6,5d] [rn 200,.6,5d] [st] [dr 1,lc1,200] [dr 7,rc6,200] [st][hrh 100,1,7] [st][bv1,7] [tn,6] Supplementary Sign to be below ``Narrow Bridge'' Sign [la6,4] [st][ev] [dr 1,lc1,200] [dr 2,cg2,200] [dr 3,cg3,200] [dr 4,cg4,200] [dr 5,cg5,200] [dr 6,cg6,200] [dr 7,rc6,200] [st][tn,6][hrh 100,1,7] [st][bv1,2,3,4,5,6,7] Name Shape & Size Background[el] Colour Border Legend Colour &[el] Size [st][tn,6][hrh 100,1,7;.6] SUPPLEMENTARY CAUTION WIDEVEHICLES Rectangular at least 750 mm 600 mm Yellow (r) Black 15 mm ``CAUTION WIDE VEHICLES'' Black 100/15.5 [st][tn,6][hrh 100,1,7;.6] [ev] Dated at Wellington this 16th day of November 1994. J. P. EDGAR, Manager Policy & Programmes, Safer Vehicles, Roads and Rail. (RT 06/2)2
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24 Nov 1994

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