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Traffic Signs Turn Left at Any Time With Care Pursuant to regulation 129 (6) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and a delegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety dated the 30 June 1994, I, John Paul Edgar, Manager Policy and Programmes Safer Vehicles, Roads and Rail, approve the erection and maintenance of traffic signs as described in the Schedule as an information sign to be used at signalised intersections where a Free Flow Left Turn Slip Lane is provided for the use of traffic not required to comply with traffic signals. Schedule [la26.,4] No other sign may be attached to the said sign or its support. The said sign should not be used in conjunction with an RG-5 Stop or an RG-6 Give Way sign or on a traffic signal controlled slip lane. The said sign should be mounted on the left hand side of the roadway at the beginning of, or within the slip lane. However, the said sign may be located on the right hand side on the raised island so that it faces only the traffic approaching and using the slip lane. The said sign should have a black legend, reflectorised white background and a black border. Dated at Wellington on the 29th day of August 1994. J. P. EDGAR, Manager Policy and Programmes Safer Vehicle, Roads and Rail.
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8 Sep 1994

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