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Hazardous Substances Carriage Requirements Exemption I, Alan Eric Wilcox, Director of Land Transport Safety, pursuant to section 70f (1a) of the Transport Act 1962, hereby grant contractors to Chemcourier Services Limited, a partial exemption from the requirements of section 70f (1) (b) of the Transport Act 1962 and section of NZS 5433:1988 subject to the following conditions: 1. Safety must be maintained to a standard at least as safe as that required by Table 5 of NZS 5433:1988. 2. Vehicles will be constructed consistent with the body strength requirement outlined in Land Transport Policy Statement No. 9 (dated 2 May 1990) and clause 3.9.2 of NZS 5444:1989. 3. Hazardous substances to be carried are restricted to Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 as defined in NZS 5433:1988. 4. (a) All packages of hazardous substances shall be loaded in individual Chemcourier bins and/or shrink wrapped pallets which are clearly labelled. Hazardous substances classified under NZS 5433:1988 as ``do not load or store with'' or ``separate by 1 metre from'' shall be separated by at least one bin or shrink wrapped pallet or pallet space that contains mutually compatible goods. Vehicles carrying non-compatible hazardous substances (ie those listed in Table 5 as ``do not load or store with'') in the same vehicle are to have all non-compatible hazardous substances loaded into bins which are sealed with nets of a type approved by the Land Transport Safety Authority. Less than bin quantities of ``Do not load or store with'' hazardous substances may be loaded into an approved segregation device. These segregation devices include United Nations approved 44 gallon open head steel drums and/or Department of Transport (USA) approved 80 gallon recovery drums as per certified photos supplied to Chemcourier Services Limited. Other segregation devices used shall comply with the performance tests given in Supplement 3 to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (1992). (b) Bins and/or approved segregation devices and/or palletised loads shall be secured inside contractors vehicles as per the Truck Loading Code. This means load binders will be required. 5. Where bins are required they must be either the Chemcourier Services Limited alloy ``bin'' or the type shown in the certified photo supplied to Chemcourier Services Limited made of glass reinforced polyethylene and shall be compatible with the classes carried within. 6. Chemcourier Services Limited shall maintain quality certification under ISO 9002 and NZS 5433:1988 with respect to compliance with this approval. 7. Except where specifically provided for in this approval, vehicles shall comply with all current provisions of the Transport Act 1962, Traffic Regulations 1976 and Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974. 8. A copy of this Gazette notice shall be kept on the vehicle in an accessible location and produced if required by personnel from the Land Transport Safety Authority or New Zealand Police. 9. Chemcourier Services Limited have assured the Land Transport Safety Authority of their full compliance with the above conditions. Accordingly this exemption will be cancelled if this is not consistently achieved. 10. Any vehicles operating under this approval shall be made available to the staff of the Land Transport Safety Authority (or its nominated agents) on request for audit purposes to check compliance with the above conditions. Signed on the 10th day of January 1994. A. E. WILCOX, Director of Land Transport Safety. (RT 21/9)
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20 Jan 1994

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