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Fisheries (Bycatch Trade-Off) Notice (No. 3) 1994 (No. 5345) Pursuant to section 28zg of the Fisheries Act 1983, and a delegation made pursuant to section 41 of the State Sector Act 1988, the Acting Deputy Group Director, MAF Fisheries, hereby gives the following notice. N o t i c e 1. Title and commencement (1) This notice may be cited as the Fisheries (Bycatch Trade-off) Notice (No. 3) 1994. (2) This notice shall come into effect on the 19th day of May 1994. 2. Interpretation In this notice: (a) The principal notice means the Fisheries (Bycatch Trade-Off Notice (No. 2) 1994 (No. 5341) published in the New Zealand Gazette on 5th day of May 1994, No. 42 at page 1560; and (b) Any references to Quota Management Areas, target species and bycatch species, and methods in this notice are as defined or specified in the principal notice. 3. Amendment to principal notice (1) The principal notice is hereby amended by deleting RCO 8 as a bycatch species in relation to the target species FLA 2, GUR 8, or WAR 8 in quota management area 8, and substituting RCO 2 as the bycatch species, and at the ratios specified in the table for RCO 8. Dated this 17th day of May 1994. B. D. SHALLARD, Acting Deputy Group Director, MAF Fisheries.2
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19 May 1994

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