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Approval of Alternating Flashing Headlamps Pursuant to regulation 88 of the Traffic Regulations 1976, approval is hereby granted, for the purpose of subclause (8) of regulation 67 of the said regulations, to the fitting and use of an Alternating Flashing Headlamps system, in vehicles as described in the Schedule, provided those vehicles comply with the conditions below. Schedule Vehicles used by certified overdimension load pilots for the escorting of overdimension loads and approved for this purpose by the Land Transport Safety Authority. Conditions 1. This system shall only be used in emergency situations when escorting wide loads, issued with an overdimension permit in accordance with regulation 49 of the Traffic Regulations 1976. 2. This system shall be connected into the dipped beam headlamp system as defined in subclause (3) regulation 58 of the Traffic Regulations 1976. 3. This system shall incorporate an internal light visible to the driver when the lights are flashing. 4. When this system is in operation, the headlamps shall alternately flash at a rate of not less than 60 or more than 120 flashes per minute. 5. This system is approved for approved certified pilot vehicles only, and must be removed from the vehicle when the vehicle is withdrawn from this service. Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of December 1993. P. W. BOWEN, for Director of Land Transport Safety.
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13 Jan 1994

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