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Direction by the Minister of Social Welfare In the matter of Section 5 of the Social Security Act 1964. To: The Director-General of Social Welfare. Pursuant to section 5 (2) of the Social Security Act 1964, I, Peter Gresham, Minister of Social Welfare, hereby direct that notwithstanding anything in section 11 (7) of that Act, when you or your delegates have, pursuant to section 11 (1) of that Act requested information, or required a document to be produced, so that a copy of or extracts from any such document can be made or taken, or required the furnishing of copies of or extracts from any document or record from any person, and that person has refused to supply that information or produce that document or furnish those copies or extracts because of a claim of privilege, that he or she would be successfully able to assert if he or she was asked for that information or to produce that document or those copies or extracts as a witness in a Court of law, you shall not prosecute that person for any offence under section 11 (3) of the Social Security Act 1964 in respect of that refusal. Nothing in this direction shall affect the operation of section 11 (4) to 11 (6) of the Act. The term ``document'' as used in this direction has the same meaning as in section 3 (1) of the Act. Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 1993. PETER GRESHAM, Minister of Social Welfare.
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13 Jan 1994

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