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Special Order Parks & Reserve Loan No. 27 1994 $5,000,000 The following special order was passed at an ordinary meeting of the Auckland Regional Council held on 19 September 1994 and confirmed at an ordinary meeting of the said council held on 17 October 1994, having meantime been advertised in the New Zealand Herald on 24 September 1994 and 7 October 1994. That the Auckland Regional Council in exercise of the powers vested in it by the Local Government Authority Act 1974, Section 619, and in pursuance of authority conferred upon it under the Local Authorities Loans Act 1956, and in exercise of all other powers enabling it on that behalf, DOES HEREBY RESOLVE, by special resolution to act as a Special Order, to borrow the sum of $5,000,000 (five million dollars) as a special loan to be known as Parks & Reserves Loan No. 27 1994, $5,000,000 for the purpose of acquiring and developing property for use as a regional park. The common seal of the Auckland Regional Council was hereto affixed in the presence of the chairman and corporate secretary on 19 October 1994. l.s. E. HUTCHINSON, Corporate Secretary.
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3 Nov 1994

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