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Notice of Disclaimer Pursuant to Section 338 of the Companies Act 1955 Take notice, that I, Mark Gerard Byers, Acting Secretary to the Treasury, pursuant to section 338 of the Companies Act 1955, hereby disclaim for and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, all right, title and interest of Her Majesty the Queen, in those funds held in the Knight and Friedlander Solicitor's trust account (currently $39,397.58) being the balance of the proceeds of sale of the ``College Dairy'', a business situated at 10 St Leonards Road, Kelston, Auckland, and being described in an agreement for sale and purchase of a business dated the 15th day of February 1994, between M and G Narsai Limited and Azadco Bros (NZ) Limited, and I certify that the vesting of the said proceeds of sale did not come to my notice until the 11th day of May 1994. Dated at Wellington this 3rd day of June 1994. M. G. BYERS, Acting Secretary.
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28 Jul 1994

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