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Trustee Banks Restructuring Act 1988 Annual Report for the Period Ended 31 March 1994 Trust Particulars The Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Community Trust was incorporated on 5 August 1988 as a charitable trust in accordance with the provisions of the Trustee Banks Restructuring Act 1988. The purpose of the community trust is to provide charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational benefits to the community. Trustees: Ms P. Jones (Chairperson), Mr J. Black, Mr T. Currie, Mr B. Dickie, Mr S. Edward, Mr P. Howard, Mr B. Scantlebury, Mrs R. Tait, Mr T. Te Heuheu, Mr L. Thurston, Mrs M. Townshend, Mrs L. Watling. Secretary: Mr A. Short. Bankers: Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Limited. Auditor: Ingham Mora Malcolm & Rassell. Trustees' Report for the Period Ended 31 March 1994 Objectives of the Trust: To receive income and allocate such income for charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes, being purposes beneficial to the community principally in the Bay of Plenty area. Policies and Structure of the Trust: A charitable trust designed to administer capital and distribute income for charitable purposes in the Bay of Plenty area. Activities of the Trust: As in previous years, the trust has continued the policy of selecting a number of projects in each region to receive large donations and providing smaller amounts to many other organisations. The 1994 dividend income is substantially higher than the previous year, even after deducting the $7.5 million relating to the 1:1 bonus share dividend from Trust Bank New Zealand Limited. A record total of $511,535 was donated to community organisations throughout the Bay of Plenty. Review of Results and Financial Position of the Trust: Cash dividends totalling $1,081,275 were received from Trust Bank New Zealand during the year. This is an increase of $378,600. Interest income also records an increase. The Trust's operating costs reflect the greater workload on Trustees in respect to Trust Bank New Zealand Limited restructuring matters. Concurrent with this, the Trust has been required to appoint an independant Secretary/Treasurer and these costs previously absorbed predominantly by Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Limited now rest with the Trust. The net surplus for the year, including the 1:1 bonus share dividend issue, was $8,080,791 bringing the accumulated trust fund to $18,058,956. The Trust purchased additional shares in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited in March 1994. At balance date the trust holds a total of 30 571 429 shares as follows: Directly in Trust Bank New Zealand 2000 fifty cent ordinary shares Through Community Trust Nominees Limited 30 569 429 fifty cent ordinary shares Income and Expenditure Account for the Year Ended 31 March 1994 Note 1994$ 1993$ Income Dividends2 8,581,275 702,675 Interest 85,974 63,316 Other 12,500 8,679,749 765,991 Less expenditure Advertising 11,751 4,036 Audit fees 338 338 Interest/bank fees 50 87 Other expenses 20,258 5,059 Secretarial fee 7,500 5,000 Trustees' fees 28,585 27,023 Travelling expenses 8,441 8,335 76,923 49,878 Net income before donations 8,602,826 716,113 Donations 511,535 432,258 R. Dillon scholarships 10,500 8,250 Net surplus transferred to the trust fund $8,080,791 $275,605 (The notes to the financial statements form part of and are to be read in conjunction with the above account.) Balance Sheet as at 31 March 1994 Note $ 1994$ 1993$ Trust Funds: Balance as at 1 April 1993 9,978,165 9,702,560 Net surplus for period 8,080,791 275,605 Balance as at 31 March 1994 $18,058,956 $9,978,165 Represented by: Current assets Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Current account 33,234 14,812 Call account 62,341 Deposit accounts 10,000 200,000 43,234 277,153 Accounts receivable 5,771 10,151 49,005 287,304 Current liabilities Short term loan 370,000 Accounts payable 16,518 15,605 Working capital (337,513) 271,699 Long term assets Shares in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited3 17,726,000 9,026,000 Government stock3 670,469 680,466 Net assets $18,058,956 $9,978,165 Signed on behalf of the board of trustees: H. P. JONES, Chairperson. M. B. DICKIE, Trustee. Dated this 28th day of May 1994. (The notes to the financial statements form part of and are to be read in conjunction with this balance sheet.) Statement of Cash Flows for the Period Ended 31 March 1994 1994 1993 $ $ Cash flows from operating activities Cash was provided from: Dividend from Trust Bank New Zealand Limited1,081,275 702,675 Interest on investments100,349 84,135 Other22,500 0 Cash was disbursed to: Suppliers of goods and services38,435 14,504 Trustees47,573 32,766 Donations to the community511,535 432,258 R. Dillon scholarships10,500 8,250 Net cash flows from operating activities596,081 299,032 Cash flows from investing activities Cash was provided from: Bridging finance (15 days) share purchase370,000 Cash was applied to: Net increase in investments1,200,000 592,464 Net cash flows from investing activities(830,000) (592,464) Increase (decrease) in cash held(233,919) (293,432) Add cash at 1 April 1993277,153 570,585 Cash at 31 March 1994$43,234 $277,153 Notes to the Financial Statements for the Period Ended 31 March 1994 1. Statement of Accounting Policies General Accounting Policies The general accounting policies adopted in the preparation of these financial statements are: The measurement base adopted is the historical cost basis. Reliance has been placed on the fact that the entity is a going concern. [ix]The matching of revenues earned and expenses incurred using accrual accounting except that dividend income is accounted for on a receipts basis.[ci] Particular Accounting Policies The following are the particular accounting policies which have a material effect on the measurement of results and financial position: (a) Dividend Income: Dividend income from Trust Bank New Zealand Limited is included in the income and expenditure account when it is received. (b) Donations: Donations made are included in the income and expenditure account when paid. (c) Investments: Shares held in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited are stated at cost. A 1:1 bonus share issue during the year is included at a deemed cost of $7,500,000. Government Stocks are stated at cost less discounts or premiums amortised over the term of the investment on a straight-line basis. Changes in Accounting Policies There have been no changes in accounting policies. All policies have been applied on bases consistent with those used in the previous year. 2. Dividends Dividends received from Trust Bank New Zealand Limited631,275 398,250 Interim dividend (declared in respect of the financial year ended 31 March 1994 and received 3 December 1993) 450,000 304,425 Trust Bank New Zealand Limited 1:1 bonus issue 1 February 1994 7,500,000 0 3. Investments Shares in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited: Direct 2000 ordinary shares of 50c each, fully paid 1,200 9,026,000 Through Community Trusts Nominees Limited 30 569 429 ordinary shares of 50c each fully paid 17,724,800 0 Total shares17,726,000 9,026,000 [xt] During the year, the Trust Bank New Zealand Limited shareholdings were restructured. As a result the regional Trust Bank Community Trusts were able to hold 2000 shares directly in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited and all other shares were required to be held through Community Trust Nominees Limited, as Trustee for the regional Trust Bank Community Trusts. The market value of shares held in Trust Bank New Zealand Limited, post balance date, 7 May 1994, at $2.04 per share, totals $62,365,715. [rt] Government stocks are shown at cost price adjusted by amortised discount/premium to date 670,469 680,466 The market value of stocks held at 31 March is716,128 700,744 4. Taxation For taxation purposes the trust is a charitable organisation. Its income is not subject to taxation. 5. Goods and Services Tax The trust is not registered for Goods and Services Tax purposes. Accordingly these financial statements are stated on a G.S.T. inclusive basis. Auditors Report to the Trustees of the Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Community Trust Inc. We have obtained all the information and explanations that we have required. In our opinion proper accounting records have been kept by the trust so far as appears from our examination of those records. In our opinion, according to the best of our information and the explanations given to us and as shown by the said records, the financial statements are properly drawn up so as to give, under the historical cost convention, a true and fair view of the state of the trust's affairs as at 31 March 1994 and the results of its business and the cash flows for the year ended on that date. In all other respects, according to the information and explanations given to us, the financial statements are presented in accordance with the requirements of the trust deed dated 30 May 1988. INGHAM MORA MALCOLM & RASSELL, Chartered Accountants. Dated this 9th day of May 1994. Tauranga. Schedule of Distributions of Income by way of Donations for the Period Ended 31 March 1994 Name of Organisation or Person AmountDistributed$ 1993 Women's Suffrage Working Party (Rotorua) 4,000.00 1st Greerton Scout Group400.00 1st Otumoetai Scout Group400.00 1st Tauranga Scout Group400.00 1st Waikite Scout Group750.00 3rd Rotorua Girls' Brigade500.00 6th Rotorua Girls' Brigade250.00 Acoustic Neuroma Association of NZ300.00 ADARDS1,000.00 AFS NZ EBOP Chapter300.00 Age Concern - Senior Peoples Network1,000.00 Air Training Corps Association of NZ300.00 Anglican Maori Mission - Social Services1,000.00 Aotearoa Sports & Culture Group Inc.500.00 Apanui Kindergarten300.00 Arataki Care and Craft Centre Inc.400.00 Arataki Free Kindergarten700.00 Argus Gymnastics Club Inc.300.00 Arohanui Care Group600.00 Arthritis Foundation of New Zealand Inc.1,000.00 ASH - Action on Smoking & Health300.00 Avenues Home Trust500.00 Barnardo's New Zealand750.00 Barnardo's New Zealand1,500.00 Bay of Plenty Coast Rowing Club300.00 Bay of Plenty District Rose Society Inc.200.00 Bay of Plenty Girl Guides' Association400.00 Bay of Plenty Independent Group - Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme200.00 Bay of Plenty Multiple Sclerosis and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Societies1,000.00 Bay of Plenty Provincial Women's Division - Federated Farmers200.00 Bay of Plenty Scout Area1,200.00 Bay of Plenty Tree Society Inc.200.00 Bellevue School PTA200.00 Bereaved Parents Group500.00 Bethlehem Community Pre-School400.00 Bethlehem Pottery Club, 210 State Highway 2200.00 Birthright (Whakatane) Inc.1,500.00 BOP (Rotorua) Indian Association1,000.00 BOP Children's Literature Association200.00 Boyd's Own Scout Group300.00 Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust5,500.00 Brookfield Care and Craft400.00 Cadets Cricket Club Inc.300.00 Care and Craft Rotorua Inc. Malfroy Road Branch1,000.00 Child Evangelism Fellowship (BOP)300.00 Child Potential Unit1,000.00 Childen in Hospital Liaison Group Tauranga Incorporated400.00 Christian Love Link500.00 Co-Ordinators of Volunteers in Tauranga2,000.00 Creative Vision300.00 Cystic Fibrosis Association BOP500.00 Disabilities Resource Centre10,000.00 Downs Association Tauranga Branch300.00 Drug-Arm3,000.00 Eastern Bay Achievement Trust Inc.500.00 Eastern Bay of Plenty Budget Advisory Services3,000.00 Eastern Bay of Plenty Community Hospice Service5,000.00 Eastern Bay of Plenty Riding for the Disabled800.00 Eastern Bay of Plenty Superannuitants Association Inc.500.00 Eastern BOP Branch 51 of the NZART250.00 EBOP Driver Education Trust500.00 Edgecumbe Community Care and Craft300.00 Edgecumbe Scout Group Committee250.00 Eruera Manuera Memorial Education Trust200.00 Family Planning Community Education400.00 Friends of Brain Injured Children1,000.00 Friends of Rotorua Public Hospital3,000.00 Friends of the Ohope Library250.00 Galatea School1,000.00 Garaway Kindergarten500.00 GGANZ Otumoetai Ranger Unit (13 BOPRG)400.00 Gideons International Tauranga Camp300.00 Gift for Life Trust (BOP) Inc.500.00 Girl Guide Association - Papamoa District Support Committee400.00 Girl Guides' Association - Kaimai District400.00 Golden Kiwis Leisure Marching Team300.00 Greenpark Playcentre - Greerton1,000.00 Greerton Amateur Athletic Club800.00 Greerton Kindergarten1,000.00 Greerton Marish Rugby Club Womens Committee300.00 Greerton School Parent Teachers' Association500.00 Greerton Senior Citizens' Association500.00 Greerton Sub-Branch of Tauranga Plunket1,000.00 Greerton-Gate Pa District Support Committees' Girl Guides' Association300.00 Harmony A-Plenty Barbershop Chorus200.00 Hearing Association Inc. Te Puke Branch300.00 Hillier Memorial Rehabilitation Centre700.00 Holy Trinity Anglican Church500.00 Home Support Scheme Bay of Plenty Region1,000.00 Itinerant Teachers of Deaf Children200.00 Joshua New Life Trust1,500.00 Kahoroa Tennis Club1,000.00 Kahunui Trust3,000.00 Kaimai School Board of Trustees300.00 Kaka Street Special School400.00 Katikati Agricultural and Pastoral Society (Inc.)200.00 Katikati Branch NZ Red Cross Society Inc.500.00 Katikati Branch of the Tauranga Pony Club200.00 Katikati Concert Band300.00 Katikati Contract Bridge Club200.00 Katikati Cricket Club Inc.400.00 Katikati District Girl Guides400.00 Katikati Emergency Rescue Committee400.00 Katikati Indoor Bowling Club200.00 Katikati Memorial Hall300.00 Katikati Mural Project200.00 Katikati Parenting Resource Group400.00 Katikati Plunket Society (Sub-Branch) Inc.500.00 Katikati Primary School Agriculture Club200.00 Katikati Primary School Support Group100.00 Katikati Sea Scout Group400.00 Katikati Senior Citizens' Club (Inc)300.00 Katikati Women's Bowling Club300.00 Kawerau C.B. Club200.00 Kawerau Care and Share Group350.00 Kawerau Cervical Screening Clinic5,000.00 Kawerau Plunket Society1,000.00 Kawerau South Kindergarten500.00 Kawarau Youth Care Centre Trust500.00 Kawerau/Eastern Bay Districts Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Association1,000.00 Kingsley Scout Group250.00 Kiwi Coast Canadian Steel Pipe Band500.00 Kiwi Weight Watchers100.00 Kiwifruit Coast Lifeguard Foundation3,000.00 La Leche League - Whakatane250.00 Leon Sharplin Driver Education Trust1,000.00 Life Education Trust30,000.00 Life Without Sight Project10,000.00 Lynmore Tennis Club2,000.00 M G Whakatane500.00 Maketu Fire Unit1,000.00 Maketu School Parent Teacher Association500.00 Manaora Trust500.00 Mataatua Scout Group150.00 Matakana Island Sports Club300.00 Matua Whangai Te Puke1,000.00 Maungatapu Welcome Bay Scout Group400.00 Mauri Ora Gym400.00 Merivale Community Incorporated300.00 MG Rotorua Inc.3,000.00 Mokoia Community Association Inc.1,000.00 Mount Maunganui Amateur Swimming Club400.00 Mount Maunganui Association Football Club7,000.00 Mount Maunganui Care and Craft300.00 Mount Maunganui College Board of Trustees1,000.00 Mount Maunganui Contract Bridge Club400.00 Mount Maunganui Croquet Club400.00 Mount Maunganui Primary School Parent Support Group200.00 Murupara Free Kindergarten800.00 Murupara Lion Club Inc.4,000.00 Murapara Maori Women's Welfare League1,000.00 Murupara Over 50's Club300.00 Murupara Playcentre800.00 Murupara School Board of Trustees800.00 National Council of Women of N.Z. Inc.200.00 National Kidney Foundation of N Z, Rotorua Branch500.00 New Mother Support Groups (Tauranga Branch)300.00 New Mothers Support Group500.00 New Zealand CCS Tauranga (Inc)15,000.00 New Zealand Society for the Intellectually Handicapped3,000.00 New Zealand Society for the Intellectually Handicapped2,000.00 Nga Hau E Wha Maori Women's League1,000.00 Ngamuwahine Camp Trust500.00 Ngatai Ranginui, Ngai Terangi, Ngati Pukenga Turanga Moana Districts TRU1,000.00 Ngati Pikiao West Rotoiti Brownies Club100.00 Ngatiawa Ki Rangitaiki Tino Rangatiratanga500.00 Ngongataha Community Trust2,000.00 Ngongataha Girl Guide Association500.00 Ngongotaha Scout Group750.00 NZ Crippled Children Society Inc. (Rotorua Taupo and Districts)3,000.00 NZ Ex Prisoners of War Association (Rotorua Branch)1,000.00 Ohope Beach School Parent Teachers' Association200.00 Ohope Netball Club250.00 Omanu Scout Group400.00 Omokoroa Point School PTA200.00 Omokoroa/Pahoia Sea Scouts400.00 Open Home Foundation1,000.00 Opotiki Amateur Swimming Club500.00 Opotiki Community Early Childhood Support Centre1,200.00 Opotiki Community Food Bank1,500.00 Opotiki Mental Health Support Group Drop-In Centre500.00 Opotiki Rose Garden Preschool Community Trust500.00 Opotiki Surf Fishing Club250.00 Opotiki Surf Lifesaving Club Inc.2,000.00 Opotiki Volunteer Coastguard Inc.1,250.00 Opotiki Women's Aglow Fellowship1,000.00 Order of St John3,000.00 Oriana Singers200.00 Oropi Primary School300.00 Oropi Scout Group400.00 Oropi Women's Division300.00 Otamarakau Playcentre500.00 Otamarakau School PTA200.00 Otumoetai Free Kindergarten1,500.00 Otumoetai Plunket Branch1,000.00 Otumoetai Sports & Recreation Trust Board200.00 Otumoetai Tecorians (Primary School Speech Contest Sub-Committee)100.00 Pacific Islanders' Fellowship1,000.00 Papamoa Music Club100.00 Papamoa Scout Group1,000.00 Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club1,000.00 Parent to Parent500.00 Parkinsonism Society of NZ Inc., Tauranga Division1,000.00 People First1,000.00 People First NZ - Tauranga400.00 Philips Search & Rescue Trust10,000.00 Pikiao Sports Club Inc.2,000.00 Pregnancy Help Taupo670.00 Presbyterian Social Services - Kaiawhina Progrmme3,000.00 Presbyterian Social Services - May Shapley Complex1,000.00 Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Society500.00 Pukehina Emergency Services Community Trust2,000.00 Putauaki Kindergarten300.00 Pyes Pa Playcentre300.00 Pyes Pa School300.00 Rangitahi College1,000.00 Rangitaiki Community and School Association900.00 Rangitaiki Rape Crisis750.00 Rape Crisis (Opotiki) Inc.750.00 Region 2 DARE Committee15,000.00 Reporoa Order of St John2,000.00 Rescue Services - Whakatane SLSC1,500.00 Rotoiti Sports and Community Association1,000.00 Rotorua Blind Indoor Bowling Club500.00 Rotorua Branch of the NZ Association of the Blind & Partially Blind300.00 Rotorua Branch Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand Inc.1,000.00 Rotorua Budget Advisory2,000.00 Rotorua Cell Group of the (NZ) Vision & Hearing Impaired Persons Societty Inc.750.00 Rotorua Citizen's Advice Bureau1,000.00 Rotorua Community Hospice Trust 5,000.00 Rotorua Community Toy Library1,000.00 Rotorua Continuing Care Trust8,000.00 Rotorua District Army Cadel Unit1,000.00 Rotorua District Choir Inc.1,000.00 Rotorua District Council Maori Women's Welfare League500.00 Rotorua District Girls' Brigade1,000.00 Rotorua East Bowling Club2,000.00 Rotorua Enterprise Agency6,000.00 Rotorua Heart Support Group500.00 Rotorua Heritage & Civic Trust Inc.2,500.00 Rotorua Home Birth Association500.00 Rotorua La Leche League500.00 Rotorua Methodist Church5,000.00 Rotorua Music Federation Inc.500.00 Rotorua Music School3,000.00 Rotorua Musicommunication Team1,000.00 Rotorua Parents Centre500.00 Rotorua Plunket Society1,200.00 Rotorua Rape Crisis Centre Inc.1,000.00 Rotorua Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc.3,000.00 Rotorua Victim Support Group Inc.1,000.00 Rotorua Writers' Group500.00 Rotorua Yacht Club Incorporated2,000.00 Rotorua Young Mariners500.00 Royal NZ Plunket Society - Te Puke Branch1,000.00 Royal NZ Plunket Soc Inc (Opotiki Sub Branch500.00 Royal NZ Plunket Society - Taupo Branch2,200.00 RSA Bowling Club300.00 Samaritans of Tauranga Inc.1,000.00 Schizophrenia Fellowship Tauranga Branch1,000.00 Scout Association of NZ Tauranga District Cub Section500.00 Scout Association of New Zealand500.00 Silver Knights Marching Team500.00 Society of St Vincent de Paul2,000.00 Society of St Vincent de Paul1,000.00 Southern Cross Sea Scout Group600.00 Special Education Services - Early Childhood Education500.00 Speld BOP500.00 St Chads Communication Centre Trust2,000.00 St David's Community Support Services2,000.00 St George's Centrepoint500.00 St George's Child Care Centre1,000.00 St Mary's Family Centre4,000.00 Stroke Foundation - Western Bay Area500.00 Surf Life Saving Association Bay of Plenty1,000.00 Tauhara Pony Club1,000.00 Taupo Adult Reading and Learning Assistance230.00 Taupo Community Child Care Trust1,250.00 Taupo Community Playgroup1,000.00 Taupo Concert Bank600.00 Taupo District Museum of Art and History2,000.00 Taupo Employment Support Trust Business Improvement Agency1,500.00 Taupo Every Boys' and Girls' Rally500.00 Taupo Highland Dancing Association100.00 Taupo La Leche League800.00 Taupo School of Music400.00 Taupo Squash Racquets Club Inc.700.00 Taupo Women's Bowling Club Inc.400.00 Taupo Women's Support Group585.00 Taupo-Nui-A-Tia College Sailing Club1,200.00 Tauranga Anglers Club200.00 Tauranga Archers200.00 Ta uranga Art & Craft Centre Inc.400.00 Tauranga Boys' College Rowing Committee500.00 Tauranga Budget Advisory Service Inc.5,000.00 Tauranga Civic Choir300.00 Tauranga Community Arts Council Inc.1,500.00 Tauranga Community Foodbank Trust5,000.00 Tauranga Contract Bridge Club200.00 Tauranga District Group Riding For The Disabled (Inc)2,000.00 Tauranga Filipino Society200.00 Tauranga Gay Youth100.00 Tauranga Grief Centre (Inc.)500.00 Tauranga Group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc.200.00 Tauranga Help Inc.1,000.00 Tauranga Hockey Association Inc.300.00 Tauranga Home Birth Association Inc.200.00 Tauranga Impala's Marching Team300.00 Tauranga Jazz Society Inc.200.00 Tauranga Johansson Programme1,000.00 Tauranga Judo Club200.00 Tauranga Noana Out-Rigger Canoe Club300.00 Tauranga Ongoing Pain Support Group300.00 Tauranga Operatic Society Inc.1,000.00 Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions Society Inc.400.00 Tauranga Photographic Society Inc.200.00 Tauranga Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society1,000.00 Tauranga Repertory Society Inc.1,000.00 Tauranga Sea Communications500.00 Tauranga South Baptist Church Camp Committee800.00 Tauranga SPCA400.00 Tauranga Special Olympics3,000.00 Tauranga Squash Club500.00 Tauranga Stepping Out700.00 Tauranga Toughlove Teen support Group Recovery, Self Awareness Support1,000.00 Tauranga Warriors Rugby League Club300.00 Tauranga Womens Health Council300.00 Tauranga YMCA Inc.2,000.00 Tauranga Young Classical Musicians Society300.00 Te Kaha Sport Fishing Club Inc.300.00 Te Kanaaki Educational Pre-School Trust500.00 Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa2,000.00 Te Puke Care and Craft600.00 Te Puke Choral Society300.00 Te Puke District Youth & Community Trust500.00 Te Puke Free Kindergarten1,000.00 Te Puke Horticultural Society Inc.300.00 Te Puke Parents Centre300.00 Te Puke Porcelain Artists Group200.00 Te Puke Primary School PTA500.00 Te Puke Scout Group1,000.00 Te Puna Tennis Club500.00 Te Roopu Kapo1,000.00 Te Roopu Rangatahi Culture Group1,000.00 Te Runanga o Ngai Tamarawaho Inc.500.00 Te Urewera Stags Rugby League Club800.00 Te Waiariki Purea Trust5,000.00 Te Whare Hauora O Ngongotaha2,000.00 Te Whare O Te Hau Ora500.00 The Arthrograyposis Multiplex Group of NZ300.00 The Central Plateau Abseiling and Out Door Club1,000.00 The Edgecumbe Community House1,500.00 The Hearing Association Inc. (Whakatane Branch)250.00 The Kawerau Social Services Trust Board10,000.00 The Matua Ora Trust250.00 The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Inc. (Kawerau Branch)250.00 The Order of St John - Taupo Area2,500.00 The Tauranga Superannuitants' Association1,000.00 Tipapa Marae500.00 Totoki Healing Centre Trust500.00 Total Mobility Rotorua Inc.1,000.00 Toughlove Waikato-Bay of Plenty Region 31,000.00 Toxins Awareness Group - Tauranga300.00 Waiariki Women's Refuge Inc.1,000.00 Waiohau Rugby Sports and Cultural Club250.00 Waiohau School Board Of Trustees500.00 Waipahihi Free Kindergarten1,000.00 Walking With Jesus Ministries300.00 Welcome Bay Baden Powell Centre Management Committee1,000.00 Welcome Bay Kindergarten1,500.00 Welcome Bay Rugby and Sports Club1,000.00 Westbay Gang Show300.00 Western Bay of Plenty Adult Reading and Learning Assistance500.00 Western Bay of Plenty Life Education Trust50,000.00 Whakatane Branch of The Maori Wardens500.00 Whakatane Child & Family Centre Inc.250.00 Whakatane Croquet Club Inc.250.00 Whakatane District Camera Club250.00 Whakatane District Museum & Gallery Committee500.00 Whakatane District Suffrage Centennial2,000.00 Whakatane Floral Art Group250.00 Whakatane Gymnastic Club500.00 Whakatane Heritage and Recreation Company Limited500.00 Whakatane Parents Centre500.00 Whakatane Salvation Army3,000.00 Whakatane Sexual Abuse Support Group1,500.00 Whakatane Welcome Trust Inc.1,000.00 Whanau Awhina Women's Refuge2,500.00 Whanaungatanga Development Trust Inc.2,000.00 Whangaparaoa School250.00 Whare Whakanga Services300.00 Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust1,000.00 Women and Family Support Group1,000.00 Women's Suffrage Tauranga Centennial Committee1,000.00 Women's Division Federated Farmers' Tauranga Provincial Homecare Service500.00 Total: $511,535.00
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7 Jul 1994

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