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Notice of Decision of Disciplinary Committee Notice is hereby given by the Disciplinary Committee of the New Zealand Society of Accountants that at a conjoint hearing held on 28 February 1994, the committee heard charges against Allan Robert Hawkins of Auckland, that he had been convicted of crimes involving dishonesty as defined by section 2 of the Crimes Act 1961, and had been guilty of grave impropriety. Allan Robert Hawkins did not appear before the Disciplinary Committee, therefore a plea of not guilty was taken. The Disciplinary Committee found the charges proved based on evidence that was heard and received at the hearing on 28 February 1994. Pursuant to section 24 (3) (a) of the New Zealand Society of Accountants Act 1958, the Disciplinary Committee ordered that Allan Robert Hawkins be removed from the Register of Members of the Society and fixed the date of 28 February 1999 after which Allan Robert Hawkins may apply for re-registration under this Act. Allan Robert Hawkins was ordered to pay to the society the sum of $1,252.84 (including G.S.T.) in respect of costs and expenses of and incidental to the inquiry by the Disciplinary Committee and the investigation by the Investigation Committee. The Disciplinary Committee ordered that its decision be published in the Accountant's Journal, the New Zealand Gazette with mention of the member's name and locality. Dated this 6th day of April 1994.
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21 Apr 1994

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