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Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that the names of the under-mentioned companies have been struck off the Register and the companies dissolved: GRAEME MARSH LIMITED HN. 189010. K J & D A MISCHEFSKI LIMITED HN. 196104. CORTILL FARMS LIMITD HN. 198398. GROWERS PACKERS LIMITED HN. 200599. MCGURK SCAFFOLDING LIMITED HN. 233865. P.R. & C.A. KENNEDY LIMITED HN. 268612. NU MAC DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED HN. 270491. WAIPA MUFFLER SERVICES (1985) LIMITED HN. 271484. GRAEME & YVONNE FRAMPTON CLOTHING CO LIMITED HN. 288333. CAMBRIDGE EQUINE CLINIC LIMITED HN. 379613. CYTOZYME LABORATORIES NEW ZEALAND LIMITED HN. 458830. Given under my hand at Hamilton on this 25th day of November 1994. K. H. KANA, Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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1 Dec 1994

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