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W.H. Wilson Limited HN. 177070 Public Notice of Intention to Apply for Removal from the Company Register Pursuant to Section 293 (1) (d) and Section 295 (2) of the Companies Act 1955 Public notice is hereby given that in accordance with the provisions of section 295 (2) of the Companies Act 1955, Peter Ross Wilson, a director of W.H. Wilson Limited, proposes to apply to the Registrar of Companies at Hamilton, pursuant to section 293 (1) (d) of the Companies Act 1955 for removal of W.H. Wilson Limited from the Register of Companies. Unless written objection is made to the Registrar of Companies, Hamilton, within 30 days of the date this notice is published in accordance with section 295 of the Companies Act 1955, the Registrar may remove the company from the Registrar. Dated this 28th day of November 1994. P. R. WILSON, Director.
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1 Dec 1994

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