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Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that the names of the under-mentioned companies have been struck off the Register and the companies dissolved: BARROW'S PHARMACY LIMITED CH. 124302. BELTONS REAL ESTATE (CHRISTCHURCH) LIMITED CH. 135284. DOMAKA REARING LIMITED CH. 288693. FORWARD PRODUCTS LIMITED CH. 542293. GROUP SECURITIES LIMITED CH. 125955. HOLMES STUART & COMPANY LIMITED CH. 124202. J.S. PALMER LIMITED CH. 130422. JUDGE CORPORATION LIMITED CH. 124543. KARA FARM LIMITED CH. 459142. MACKINTOSH BRADLEY SOLICITORS NOMINEE COMPANY LIMITED CH. 141528. MRS POPE (METHVEN) LIMITED CH. 142702. SOPHIA PROPERTIES LIMITED CH. 134079. SUMMERS & PICKUP LIMITED CH. 129905. Given under my hand at Christchurch this 23rd day of August 1994. A. J. TURNER, Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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1 Sep 1994

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