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Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that the following notice under section 336 (6) of the Companies Act 1955, dated 24 June 1994 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, No. 65, dated 30 June 1994, appearing on pages 2142 and 2143 (DS 4766), is hereby revoked. Given under my hand at Hamilton this 22nd day of July 1994. K. H. KANA, Assistant Registrar of Companies. Section 336 (6) Notice is hereby given that at the expiration of 3 months from this date, the names of the under-mentioned companies will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the Register and the companies will be dissolved: ATHENBERRY ORCHARD LIMITED HN. 201640. BRYNMOR PROPERTIES LIMITED HN. 179926. COPES PROPERTIES LIMITED HN. 179749. EXCELLENCE CORPORATION LIMITED HN. 366005. G.D. & L.H. FITZGERALD LIMITED HN. 199650. M R & H J BURR LIMITED HN. 198459. MOTOR CYCLE DISTRIBUTORS (1988) LIMITED HN. 327622. REWETU DEER PARK LIMITED HN. 194940. SKYLER PACKAGING LIMITED HN. 200046. SPUCYLOPS LIMITED HN. 199472. T H FEENEY LIMITED HN. 199961. TE AWAMUTU ELECTRICITY LIMITED HN. 424010. W.G. INNES & COMPANY LIMITED HN. 181349. Dated at Hamilton this 24th day of July 1994. M. A. PAUL, Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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1 Sep 1994

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