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Civil Aviation Rules This is a statement of intention to publish rules in the following CAR Part Part 47 Aircraft Registration and Marking. pursuant to section 34 (1) (a) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990. The submission time for the proposed part is indicated in the NPRM and is not less than 30 days. Copies of the Notice of Proposed Rule Marking are available for viewing at Aviation House, 1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt and on application to the Docket Clerk, P.O. Box 31-441, Lower Hutt, 6315. For further information write to the Docket Clerk at the above address. Initial copies have been sent to the Rule Review Group. Promoting a safe civil aviation system. LIN M. HALL, Docket Clerk. (Docket No. 1089)
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27 Oct 1994

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