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District Anglers (Northland Fish and Game Region) Notice 1994 Pursuant to section 26r (3) of the Conservation Act 1987 the Northland Fish and Game Council hereby gives the following District Anglers Notice. N o t i c e 1. Title and commencement This notice may be cited as the District Anglers (Northland Fish and Game Region) Notice 1994 and shall come into force on the 1st day of October 1994. 2. Interpretation Words and expressions in this notice which are defined in the Conservation Act 1987 or the Freshwater Fisheries Regulations 1983 shall have the meaning so defined. 3. Open Season (1) There shall be an open season for fishing for sports fish from the 1st day of October in any year to the 30th day of September in the following year (both days inclusive). (2) No licence holder shall fish for, take or attempt to take, any sports fish except during an open season. 4. Authorised tackle (1) No licence holder shall fish for, take or attempt to take, any sports fish except by using a rod and running line. (2) Notwithstanding subclause (1) of this clause (a) When playing a sportsfish, a landing net may be used to secure or land any such fish; (b) For keeping sports fish alive, a keep net of not more than 1.8 metres in length may be used in the water from which that fish was taken; (c) For taking small indigenous fish for bait angling, a bait net not more than 1.8 metres in length may be used. (3) No licence holder shall, in fishing for, taking, or attempting to take, sports fish, have under their control more than one assembled rod and running line. (4) No licence holder shall fish for sports fish unless within 15 metres of the rod being used and has the rod under his or her own visual observation. (5) No licence holder when fishing for sports fish shall use:- (a) More than 2 lures or baits; (b) Any lead or weight (other than hooks as permitted elsewhere in this notice) attached below or so as to hang below any lure or bait; (c) Any artificial fly or lure having more than one hook or having a multiple hook; (d) Any bait or lure treated with any medicinal or chemical preparation other than; (i) In the case of artificial fly, oil used solely to give buoyancy to such flies and (ii) In the case of natural baits, a formalin or other preservative preparation; (e) Any wire, either plain or twisted, or any gimp trace or cast of a greater thickness than 0.82 mm; (f) Any wire or gimp trace or cast of a greater length than 1.8 metres. (g) In conjunction with any spoonbait or artificial minnow, any lead or weight affixed to the trace or line at a distance of less that 38 cm above the lure; (h) Any unsportsmanlike device or method. 5. Prohibition on unauthorised fishing tackle, etc. No licence holder shall when fishing for sports fish use or be in possession of, or be in control of, or convey or cause to be conveyed to the vicinity of any place where that licence holder is fishing or proposes to fish, any paravane, any stroke- hauling or foulhooking gear, or any spear, any narcotic or poisonous substance or liquid injurious to fish. 6. Use of nets No licence holder shall use or cause to be used for any purpose a net of any description except as provided for in clause 4 of this notice except: (a) A whitebait net; (b) Subject to a permit or authority issued under the Conservation Act 1987, any net used for the purposes of scientific investigations or data collection. Provided that it shall be a defence for any licence holder charged with a breach of this clause if that licence holder proves that he or she was netting for indigenous fish in accordance with the provisions of any regulations or notices in force in that behalf. 7. Prohibition of possession or control of spear gun (1) No licence holder shall, when taking or attempting to take or when in possession of, any sports fish, be in possession of or be in control of, any spear gun or any pointed missile (other than a bullet) which is propelled by means of any mechanical or explosive device. (2) Where any licence holder is charged with an offence under subclause (1) of this clause, it shall be a defence to the charge if the defendant proves that the speargun or pointed missile in the defendant's possession or under the defendant's control was not used in the taking of the sports fish. (3) In this clause the term ``explosive'' has the same meaning as in the Explosives Act 1957. 8. Authorised lures and baits No licence holder shall fish for sports fish with any bait or lure other than artificial or natural fly, insect, worm, crustacea, minnow, fish (excluding fish ova or any portion of a fish or any shellfish (mollusca)) or uncoloured bread dough. 9. Daily limit bag No licence holder shall on any one day kill or be in possession of more that 10 trout. 10. Minimum size to be taken (1) No licence holder shall be in possession of any trout which does not exceed 30 cm in length. (2) Every licence holder taking trout which does not exceed the specified length shall immediately return it with as little injury as possible into the water from which it was taken. 11. Revocation The notice published in the supplement to the Gazette, No. 151, of Friday, 31 August 1990, on page 3202 titled District Anglers (Northland Fish and Game Region) Notice 1990, and Amendment No. 1, are hereby revoked. Approved at Wellington this 15th day of August 1994. DENIS MARSHALL, Minister of Conservation.13
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1 Sep 1994

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