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Privacy Act Code of Practice Notice 1994/4 Pursuant to section 49 of the Privacy Act 1993, I give notice as follows: N o t i c e 1. This notice may be cited as the Privacy Act Code of Practice Notice 1994/3. 2. The Health information Privacy Code 1994 Amendment No. 1 (Temporary): (a) was issued on 12 July 1994; (b) will come into force on 30 July 1994; and (c) will expire on 29 July 1995. 3. Having considered that it is necessary to issue the amendment, and being satisfied that it would be impracticable to follow the procedures set out in section 48 of the Act because it is necessary to issue the amendment urgently, I have issued the amendment without complying with those procedures in reliance on section 52 (1) of the Act. 4. Copies of the amendment are available free of charge from the offices of the Privacy Commissioner, 20 Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland and 4452 The Terrace, Wellington. Dated at Auckland this 12th day of July 1994. B. H. SLANE, Privacy Commissioner.
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21 Jul 1994

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