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Direction on Export Packaging Standards Amendment No. 1 This amendment to the ``Direction on Export Packaging Standards'' is made by the New Zealand Wool Board (``the Board'') pursuant to its authority contained in section 21 (1) of the Wool Industry Act 1977. The Board hereby directs that with effect from 30 June 1994, paragraph F of the section of the Direction entitled ``Prohibition'' shall be amended by revoking paragraph F and by substituting the following paragraph: ``F. The cap is not sewn with approved twine, the individual stitch length exceeds 100 mm, and/or wool is protruding from the stitched area which, in the opinion of the Inspector, is likely to contribute to contamination.'' Dated this 24th day of May 1994. A. KANE, Director, New Zealand Wool Board.
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2 Jun 1994

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