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Appointment/Release of Receivers & Managers
Tarantula Investments Limited Notice of Appointment of Receiver Pursuant to Sections 3 and 8 and of the Receiverships Act 1993 Nationwide Toy Retailers Limited gives notice that on the 5th day of August 1994, it appointed Alistair David Mazey, company secretary of Wellington, receiver of Tarantula Investments Limited in respect of the assets and undertakings of the company and of the business conducted by it at 211 Queens Street, Masterton under the powers contained in the mortgage debenture dated on the 14th day of November 1991, given by Tarantula Investments Limited in favour of ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Limited and pursuant to a deed of assignment of mortgage debenture dated the 2nd day of August 1994, now held by Nationwide Toy Retailers Limited. Further particulars can be obtained from the receiver, whose address is care of 63 Miramar Avenue (P.O. Box 14-236), Wellington. Dated this 8th day of August 1994. NATIONWIDE TOY RETAILERS LIMITED.
Publication Date
18 Aug 1994

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