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Mount Fishmarkets Limited (in receivership and in liquidation) Notice of Meeting of Creditors Pursuant to Winding Up Rule 108 of the Companies Act 1955 Notice is given that a meeting of the creditors of the above-named company will be held at the Otumoetai Trust Hotel, Bureta Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga on the 16th day of December 1993 at 10 a.m. Agenda: 1. To appoint a chairman under section 284 (4a) of the Companies Act 1955. 2. To hear a report from a director of the company, if in attendance, as to the affairs of the company and the circumstances leading up to the proposed winding up in accordance with section 284 (4) of the Companies Act 1955. 3. To nominate a liquidator to be liquidator of the company in accordance with section 285 of the Companies Act 1955. 4. To consider and if thought fit, constitute a committee of inspection in accordance with section 286 of the Companies Act 1955. Proof of Debt: No person will be entitled to vote as a creditor at the meeting unless they have lodged with the chairman of the meeting particulars of their debt or claim or a formal proof of the debt or claim in respect of which they claim payment from the above company. Proxies: Creditors unable to attend the meeting in person may vote by proxy. Proxies should be duly executed and forwarded to Mount Fishmarkets Limited (in receivership and in liquidation), care of Beattie Rickman, P.O. Box 191, corner of Bryce and Anglesea Streets, Hamilton, so as to be received at that address no later than 4 p.m. on the 15th day of December 1993. Note that proxies given by a body corporate must be signed under seal or by an officer of the company duly authorised to sign under seal. Dated this 8th day of December 1993. By order of the provisional liquidators of Mount Fishmarkets Limited (in receivership and in liquidation). P. R. McLEAN and S. R. CANN, Provisional Liquidators.
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16 Dec 1993

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