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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Order 1586 I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of this publication. Schedule A (Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietors name; application number.) 1. Lease 133082.2 (duplicate) affecting C.T.s 13B/225 and 14B/220; Michelle Glenda Parry and Elizabeth Aroha Parry; B. 317486.4. 2. 30D/884; Michelle Ann Cameron; B. 317879. Lease 865321.2; Michelle Ann Cameron; B. 317879. 3. Lease 185334.1; Maurice Lawton Thomas; B. 318424.1. 4. E2/1170; Richard Leonard Jenkins and Anne Christine Jenkins; B. 318002.1. 5. 18B/1286; Dean James Robertson and Mary Augusta Robertson; B. 319113.1. 6. 38B/491; Her Majesty the Queen for State housing purposes; B. 318919.1. 7. 525/19; Thomas Michael Noel Rodgers; B. 319107.1. 8. 14B/102; Robert Thomas Hill and Bruce Foster Hill; B. 319094.2. 9. 14C/897; Phyllis Ruby Dromgool; B. 318753.1. 10. 17A/944; Isobel Millicent Goer; B. 318660.2. 11. 567/214; Noel Stewart Coad and Edith Quentin Coad; B. 318302.1. 12. 13D/828; Cosmos George and Helen Andrea George; B. 318458.1. Dated this 18th day of November 1993 at the Land Registry Office at Wellington. W. R. MOYES, District Land Registrar.
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25 Nov 1993

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