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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
The certificates of title, memorandum of mortgage and charge and memoranda of leases described in the Schedule hereto having been declared lost, notice is given of my intention to issue new certificates of title, provisional mortgage, charge and provisional leases upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the New Zealand Gazette containing this notice. Schedule Memorandum of lease H. 138031.2 affecting the land in certificate of title 22B/1279, whereby Muriel May Vernall is the lessee. Application B. 172596. Memorandum of leases S. 595261, H. 319265 and S. 611864 affecting the land in certificates of title 10A/1006, 10A/1007 and 26A/584, whereby The New Zealand Priory Trust Board are the lessees. Application B. 172501.1. Certificate of title 13A/638 in the name of Albert Edward Kelly, labourer of Whitianga. Application B. 173565.1. Certificate of title 1C/947 in the names of Remo Wilson, mechanic of Taumarunui and Virginia Mary Wilson, his wife and memorandum of mortgage S. 254417 and charge S. 254418 affecting the land in certificate of title 1C/947, whereby The State Advances Corporation of New Zealand are the mortgagees. Application B. 173026.2. Dated at Hamilton this 2nd day of December 1993. M. J. MILLER, District Land Registrar.
Publication Date
9 Dec 1993

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