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Land Notices
Corrigendum Amendment to a Notice Classifying and Naming a Reserve Pursuant to section 6 (3) of the Reserves Act 1977, the Regional Conservator, Department of Conservation, Southland, acting under delegated authority from the Minister of Conservation, hereby amends an error in the notice classifying land as a scientific reserve and naming the reserve Borland Mire Scientific Reserve dated at Invercargill on the 5th day of October 1993 and published in the New Zealand Gazette of 14 October 1993, No. 146, page 3015, by deleting from the said notice ``S.O. 10511, situated in''. Dated at Invercargill this 9th day of November 1993. K. MAWHINNEY, Regional Conservator, Southland. (DOC C.O. RSF 006)1/2
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9 Dec 1993

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