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Declaring Railway Land at Petone to be Road Pursuant to sections 24 and 30 of the New Zealand Railways Corporation Act 1981 and section 114 of the Public Works Act 1981, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Railways Corporation, with the prior written consent of the Minister of Railways, declares the land described in the Schedule hereto, to be road which, pursuant to section 60 (2) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989, shall form part of State Highway 2 and shall remain vested in the Crown. Schedule Wellington Land District Hutt City Both those pieces of land situated in Block XIII, Belmont Survey District described as follows: Area m Railway Land Being 831 Part Lot 2, D.P. 10589; marked `A' on plan. 98 Part Railway land; marked `B' on plan. As shown marked as above-mentioned on Plan L.O. 36638 (S.O. 36711) lodged in the office of the New Zealand Railways Corporation at Wellington. Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of October 1993. P. K. TROTMAN, for Chief Executive, New Zealand Railways Corporation. (NZR L.O. 33109/5/17/-)
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28 Oct 1993

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