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Easement Acquired to Drain Water Gisborne District Pursuant to sections 20 and 50 of the Public Works Act 1981, and to a delegation from the Minister of Lands, the District Manager, Department of Survey and Land Information, Gisborne, declares that, an agreement to that effect having been entered into, the following easement in gross is acquired for drainage purposes (and may be surrendered at any time by notice in the New Zealand Gazette) vesting in The Gisborne District Council (called the grantee) on the date of publication in the New Zealand Gazette. Easement The right to drain water by both open and piped drains in the land described in the Schedule and for that purpose: (a) To enter the land and pass and repass at all times with or without machinery or vehicles. (b) To modify, maintain or reconstruct the drain and do all things necessary to maintain the same in an efficient state. (c) To prohibit the erection of any structure on or over the drain without the prior consent of the grantee. (d) To exercise the within rights in a manner reasonably necessary to serve the purposes of the works. Schedule Gisborne Land District Part Section 30, Block III, Turanganui Survey District, marked A on S.O. 8659, held in the office of the Chief Surveyor at Gisborne. Dated at Gisborne this 16th day of November 1993. A. A. RADCLIFFE, Acting District Manager. (DOSLI Na. D.O. 5350C63528)1CL
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25 Nov 1993

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