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The Traffic (Far North District) Notice No. 2, 1993 Pursuant to the Transport Act 1962, and a delegation from the Minister of Transport, I, Grant Stewart Milne, Acting Secretary for Transport, give the following notice: N o t i c e This notice may be cited as the Traffic (Far North District) Notice No. 2, 1993. The roads specified in the Schedule are declared to be closely populated localities for the purposes of section 52 of the Transport Act 1962. Schedule SITUATED within Far North District at Hihi Beach: Compass Cove. Driftwood Lane. Fairwinds Place. Marchant Place. Peninsula Drive. Whitecaps Place. Hihi Road: from Peninsula Drive to Waiaua Road. Signed at Wellington this 5th day of November 1993. G. S. MILNE, Acting Secretary for Transport. (RT01/3/1 Far North District)
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11 Nov 1993

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