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Exemption for Specified Vehicles from the Requirement to have a Certificate of Fitness Pursuant to section 79, subsection 7 (f) of the Transport Act 1962, and pursuant to the powers delegated to me by an instrument of delegation dated the 20th day of August 1993, I, Richard Leslie Reynolds, Manager Vehicle Standards, hereby exempt from the requirements of section 79 of the said Act, those heavy vehicles specified in the Schedule hereunder. Schedule 1. Motor vehicles listed in Part II of the First Schedule to the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986, and colloquially known as EA, or Exempt Class A. 2. Motor vehicles listed in the First Schedule to the Motor Spirits Duty Refund Regulations 1978, and colloquially known as EB, or Exempt Class B. 3. Motor vehicles designed exclusively or principally as part of the armament of any of Her Majesty's Forces. 4. Cable jinkers. 5. Front end loaders. 6. Log skidders. 7. Tractor cranes. 8. All terrain cranes. 9. Mobile crushing plant trailer mounted. 10. Motor graders. 11. Motor scrapers. 12. Trailer scrapers. 13. Plant for servicing oil filled cables. 14. Post debarkers. 15. Saw bench apparatus. 16. Forestry chippers. 17. Sawing or shearing apparatus for tree cutting. 18. Trench diggers and excavators. 19. Vehicles that are always used unladed on the road and that are designed exclusively for carrying earth or other bulk materials. Explanatory Note: Not to form part of the New Zealand Gazette notice. The vehicles specified in the above Schedule are exempt from the requirement to display a current certificate of fitness; they are, however, obliged to display a current Warrant of Fitness. Dated at Wellington this 27th day of October 1993. R. L. REYNOLDS, Manager Vehicle Standards.
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4 Nov 1993

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