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Indecent Publications Tribunal Decision On the 1st day of October 1993, the Indecent Publications Tribunal considered the following publications: Decision[el]No. Date Title Publisher Importer Applicant Decision 110/93 1/10/93 The Picture Sextra, No. 2 ACP Publishing Pty Limited Netlink Distribution Co Comptroller of Customs R18 I.R.O. 111/93 1/10/93 People, 6 October 1993 R16 I.R.O. The Picture, 6 October 1993, No. 265 R18 I.R.O. [xt] Copies of these decisions containing reasons may be purchased from the Tribunals Division, P.O. Box 5027, Wellington, at a cost of $6.00 each or by annual subscription of $200.00. S. GRACIE, for Secretary, Indecent Publications Tribunal.
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7 Oct 1993

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