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The Traffic (Tauranga District) Notice No. 2, 1993 Pursuant to the Transport Act 1962, and a delegation from the Minister of Transport, I, Grant Stewart Milne, Acting Secretary for Transport, give the following notice: N o t i c e This notice may be cited as the Traffic (Tauranga District) Notice No. 2, 1993. The road specified in the Schedule is declared to be a 70 kilometre an hour speed limit area pursuant to regulation 21 (2) of the Traffic Regulations 1976. So much of the Traffic (Tauranga City and Tauranga County) Notice No. 1, 1986, signed on the 18th day of November, 1986*, which relates to Cameron Road in the Schedule below, issued pursuant to section 52 of the Transport Act 1962 and regulation 21 (2) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, is revoked. Schedule SITUATED within Tauranga District at Barkes Corner: Cameron Road: from Oban Road to No. 29 State Highway (Tauranga-Piarere). Signed at Wellington this 30th day of November 1993. G. S. MILNE, Acting Secretary for Transport. * New Zealand Gazette, No. 189, dated 27 November 1986, page 5095. (RT01/3/24 Tauranga District)
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9 Dec 1993

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