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Marriage Celebrants for 1993 Notice No. 40 Pursuant to the provisions of section 10 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information. Armstrong, Lucien, Roman Catholic. Auva'a, Fa'aso'o N., Baptist. Batchelor, Julian Peter, Open Air Campaigners (NZ) Incorporated. Beale, Kim Lawrence, Open Air Campaigners (NZ) Incorporated. Beattie, Eruera, Anglican. Birch, Mervyn Haki, Anglican. Blackmore, Stephen Michael, Northcity Christian Fellowship. Booth, John Herman Martin, Elim Church of New Zealand. Brown, Diana Rosalie, Baptist. Chen, David Hsiao-Tun, New Zealand Chinese Christian Church. Cole, Allen Matthew, Baptist. Cooper, Judith Anne, Anglican. Franklin, Royce David, Living Waters Church. Garmonsway, Moihana Sonny, Anglican. George, Eruini Edward, Anglican. Hay, James Alister, Open Air Campaigners (NZ) Incorporated. Helsham, Paul, Roman Catholic. Holding, Geoffrey David, Presbyterian. Impey, Melvin John, Salvation Army. Inglis, David Jackson, Presbyterian. Isles, Marcia Leslie, Bethany Christian Fellowship. Kani, Napi, Te Rongopai Assembly. Kingi, Tutewehiwehi, Anglican. Kinkaid, Jack Ngarima, Vision Ministries. Lovich, Anthony William, Ratana. Ludlow, Judith Anne, Baptist. McBurney, Jean Ellen, Anglican. McIntyre, Raymond John, Universal Life Church Incorporated. Major, David Elliott, Salvation Army. Mataia, Tavale, Pacific Island Needs (Pin). Maxwell, James, East Tamaki-Otara New Life Revival Centre. Moffatt, Dawn, Anglican. Monga, Tapa, East Tamaki-Otara New Life Revival Centre. Mortensen, Wayne, Baptist. Phillips, Pat Te Raana, Ratana. Rees, Edward David, Valley Christian Fellowship. Richardson, Brent Thomas, New Life Churches of New Zealand. Roberts, Geoffrey Dean, Baptist. Saunders, Karl Andrew Frederick, Salvation Army. Schuster, Robert David, Anglican. Scott, Howard Gordon, Church of Christ. Stephens, Paul Timothy, Christian City Church - Auckland. Stradwick, Dan Clifton, Christian Life Centre Auckland Trust Board. Strawbridge, Brian William, The Church in Hamilton Trust Board. Tamailu, Fou, New Jerusalem Samoan Assembly of God. Tauri, George Napia, Ratana. Thompson, Arthur Trounce, Salvation Army. Vini, Kahu, Anglican. Walker, Ernest Ian, Baptist. Dated at Lower Hutt this 23rd day of November 1993. B. E. CLARKE, Registrar-General.
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25 Nov 1993

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