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Section 336 (3) Notice is hereby given that at the expiration of 3 months from the date hereof, the names of the under-mentioned companies will, unless cause is shown to the contrary, be struck off the Register and the companies dissolved: Ace Telephone Installation Limited WN. 418508. Andre R Stedman Limited WN. 018859. Bay Horticultural Services Limited WN. 039048. Bridgeman Steel Placing Limited WN. 391858. Finch, Webster & Nathan Limited WN. 370938. First Capital Limited WN. 527168. Flotsam Holdings Limited WN. 356518. Hughes & Stringer Limited WN. 038378. Ictchok Limited WN. 012400. Inwood Holdings Limited WN. 475658. Keesing McLeod Solicitors Nominee Co Limited WN. 023999. Key Investments International Limited WN. 568066. M & T Manu Limited WN. 035268. Maggie Investments Limited WN. 313438. Main Foundation Limited WN. 533558. Ross Upholstery (1987) Limited WN. 350478. Sheridan Consultancy Limited WN. 569256. Stan Furze Construction Limited WN. 024858. Stunned Mullet Windsurf Limited WN. 531978. Thucydides Nominees Limited WN. 524958. Given under my hand at Wellington this 6th day of October 1993. P. W. T. SMITH, Assistant Registrar of Companies.
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21 Oct 1993

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