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Date Title Type Act
Publication Date
4 Jun 2019

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2019

2019-vr2573 Preview

Vice Regal

Honours and Awards

Publication Date
16 May 2019

Declaration by Electoral Commission That Paulo Reyes Garcia is Elected a Member of Parliament

2019-au2167 Preview

Authorities/Other Agencies of State

Electoral Act

Publication Date
18 Sep 2018

E–Scooters (Declaration Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2018

2018-au4674 Preview

Authorities/Other Agencies of State

Land Transport Act

Publication Date
31 Jan 2019

List of Organisational Marriage Celebrants

2019-go341 Preview


Marriage Act

Publication Date
30 May 2019

Notice Under the Legislation Act 2012

2019-dl2407 Preview

Delegated Legislation

Legislation Act

Publication Date
22 May 2019

Notification of Setting of Targets Under the Child Poverty Reduction Act 2018

2019-ps2326 Preview


Child Poverty Reduction Act

Publication Date
13 Jun 2019

List of Public Valuers Under the Valuers Act 1948

2019-go2738 Preview


Valuers Act

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