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Customs Edition

From July 2017, the Customs edition will cease as a publication.

The last Customs edition will be published on Tuesday 27 June 2017.

Applications and approvals for tariff concessions will no longer be gazetted and can be found on the New Zealand Customs Service website (external link) .

Amendments and withdrawals of concessions that require gazetting will be published in the principal edition of the New Zealand Gazette on Thursdays.

All gazette notices are freely available online, and paid subscriptions for the main edition and supplements are available for those who require a hard copy. Go to the About Us page for more information on subscriptions.

All tariff notices under the Tariff Act 1988 can be found by searching for “Tariff Act” under the Advanced Search on the homepage, or clicking here for results (external link) . To set up an RSS feed for these results, click on the link at the bottom of the results page.

Please contact the Gazette Office or use the Feedback page for any queries.

Revised Gazette Fees

Following a recent review of fees and an increase in cost recovery that was required due to inflationary pressures, a change to fees will take effect on 1 February 2016.

The New Zealand Gazette is required to be funded on a full cost-recovery basis through subscriptions and fees for submitting notices. These have remained unchanged since 2006.

There have been many service improvements to the Gazette with online publishing providing greater accessibility and improved search capability. The Gazette Office is continuing to work on future service improvements for submitters and users of the online Gazette.

The fees adjustment includes an increase to the per word rate and the late fee, and a new fee structure for large notices and supplements.

There is no change to the cost of subscriptions or to the cancellation fee.

A summary of the changes is outlined below:

  Previous Fee Revised Fee
Fees $0.50 per word $0.68 per word to a maximum of 5,000 words
Notices above 5,000 words incur a $3,400 fixed fee which covers 5 hours processing time. An hourly rate of $140 per hour is charged for the processing time over 5 hours
Plus printing and delivery costs (if required)
Supplement set-up fee No current charge $140
Late fee Additional $0.05 per word 20% surcharge
Cancellation fee $55 No change
Subscriptions (annual) From $4 to $261 per year depending on subscription type No change

 Please contact the Gazette Office or use the Feedback page for any queries.

API for the New Zealand Gazette

DigitalNZ has now made an API available to Gazette data.

Visit (external link) for information on how to get started using the DigitalNZ API, and you are welcome to email if you need any specific help accessing the data.

To view the Gazette data in DigitalNZ search go to: (external link)

(external link) You can use this API query to get the view of the data:<your_api_key>&and[primary_collection]=New+Zealand+Gazette

Browse issues

You can now search for Gazette issues listed by year. Click ‘Browse Gazettes’ on the homepage to take you to the page and search by year of publication.

Notice preview

To allow for easier browsing of notices, you can now preview notices displayed in the search results. Click on the notice to open up for full notice details.

RSS feed

To request a feed for notices, search for the notices you require and click on the RSS feed link at the bottom of the search results page.

Any comments or suggestions on these or any feature on this website are welcome. You can place feedback here. 

Cumulative Indexes

Go to Cumulative Indexes to find the PDFs of published indexes from 2000 to 2014. Indexes are sorted by the legislation of each notice. You can then find notices by searching Year and Page number on the Home page.

Tool Tips

This website has notices from September 1993, with full PDF versions of editions from 2000 to the present. Please note that notice data from 1993 to 1999 is not complete or of optimal quality.

To find a specific notice you can search by keyword, year, page number or notice number. Submitters looking for their notices can search by year and notice number if known.

You can use the advanced search function to limit the search by a time period, notice type or Act of legislation.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for please make an enquiry using the options below:

If you know the year and page number or notice number, or specific keywords, please enquire through the Feedback form. If you have part of this information but are uncertain of the year, please provide an approximate time period. We will endeavour to get back to you within two working days.

For more complex research requests or if you do not know the year and notice number or page number please try your local library or enquire through the National Library (external link)

If your search request is land related, please direct initial queries to Land Information New Zealand (external link)

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